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la cosa nostra

Jaxon Konner
Jaxon Konner

Mar-25-2010 08:56

my standing keeps improving with la cosa nostra but i cannot find there building i know the brotherhood is in the church and the other one is at city hall im in NY btw


Secret Spy_
Secret Spy_
Super Steeper

Mar-25-2010 09:50

You click on the Real Estate Agency icon, and there'll be a sentence which gives you to the option to go and talk to the leader of La Cosa Nostra. You can offer to do little jobs, to increase your standing.
Hope that helps!

Pinball Amateur

Mar-26-2010 17:25

Small addition--

The buildings do not change for the factions, regardless of what city you're in. The DAB's always at a church, LCN's always at the Real Estate Office, etc, etc. ;-)


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