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Dec-14-2004 23:41

i have been playing on sleuth for awhile now under a few different detectives. just a simple question How do all these agencies get started, where do u go to start an agency. hope u can help thanks


Dr. Falco Maltese
Dr. Falco Maltese

Dec-15-2004 00:44

Go to the real estate agency and look at the prices and amenities of the various possible locations.

But really, I recommend joining an established agency. Lots of agencies are looking, often.

You get the benefit of their money, experience, contacts and accessories. With experience being the key, in my opinion.


Dec-15-2004 10:42

You have to be subscribed to join an agency. I agree with Dr. Falco, Having people to help you is really wonderful. My character would not be as advanced as it is without help.

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