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Whodunnit? YOUdunnit!


Mar-4-2010 16:38

As many of you have already noticed, there are some new faces showing up on your suspect lists. Each city now has a (mostly) exclusive group of suspect photos attached to it, so as you travel about you'll find fresh new faces to accuse.

Who knows? The face of the next person you arrest might be yours!


Lady Zeugirdor
Lady Zeugirdor
Pinball Amateur

Mar-4-2010 20:43

This makes things a bit more interesting. Thanks for the fun!

Rosamund Clifford
Rosamund Clifford
Tale Spinner

Mar-5-2010 00:58

LOL Yes, I dunnit! Thank you for this refreshing addition to the game.

I'd also like to see some more suspects' pictures in the Writer's Workshop. It's a pity that with so many great new avatars in the game we can't use them in the SMs.

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