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2010 March Madness
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Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Feb-22-2010 13:47

Waaaay before my time here, Serges hosted Sleuth March Madness in 2007. I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so... without further ado, The copy pasted rules from then with minor modifications! ;)

The premise is pretty simple. We compile a list of 64 of the game's most recognizable players, seed them into a tournament bracket, and allow Sleuthville to vote for the "best" in each matchup.

Rules for eligibility:
You are not allowed to nominate yourself.
You may nominate up to 3 persons.
The nominated must be over 30 days old by March 1, 2010, and active.

Entries and nominations should be messaged ASAP. As soon as we get 64, the seeding process will begin and the matchups will be posted.

After the initial bracket is filled, I will post a few matchups here every day. Then, the people involved in those matchups will have an opportunity to say "anything" on this thread that they feel will allow them to advance to the next round of competition. Sleuthville votes will be what decides the winners, and voting information will be coming soon.

The overall winner of this tournament will receive $100,000 sleuth cash.

We will start the voting on March 1st, so get your nominations in as quickly as possible! Please PM me the nominations, and I will be posting a list of who has been nominated, the brackets, and all that fun stuff as we go. :)


Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Mar-6-2010 18:55

I don't think words can describe ctown. :) He is ever helpful, the voice of Sleuth Talk, and hilarious. I was about to give up playing about a month into playing here, and he is the one who convinced me to give it another go. :)

Holly is the love of ctown's life, and she makes him happy. :) Yay for Holly! ;)

Oh, what to say about Heimlich? Heim is a true friend of mine, and I am so glad to know him. He is kind, helpful, funny, and a wonderful writer. He has broadened my horizons and also has helped me through some tough times. He had the amazing idea for Sleuth Survivor, and did a wonderful job at it. Vote for Heim! :D

I had the pleasure of being in Survivor with miss snopes, and she is a lovely person, and a wonderful Sleuther.

Molly! ;) Molly is a wonderful RPer and makes the Bar sparkle in her presence. She is a wonderful person, and I'm glad to know her. :)

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Mar-6-2010 19:54

Ok, two endorsements today.

Heim is the greatest Director I could wish for. He is truly friendly and helpful, and has nurtured me ever since I set foot in the Obelisk. It's a pleasure to work with him, and every time I see a PM from this fellow, I have to smile, no matter what.

Now, on to Molly. She is the best. No need to say what a wonderful RPer she is, and also a sweet person and excellent friend and fellow agent.

I hope you folks vote for them. They deserve your precious votes.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2010 20:15

Oh god. I'm up on the chopping block. *adjusts hair and sequin red gown nervously, pistol and assorted pieces of candy fall out of denizens of dress*

I don't know about making a statement for myself, so I'm going to skip right onto my endorsements. Now this ones a hard one, because not only are two of my dear friends up, but they are AGAINST each other!

First off, ctown28! I don't have the pleasure of knowing Holly yet, but of course I'd like to! ctown28 is possibly one of my favorite people on here. He is friendly, outgoing and an essential Sleuth to every player, new or old. Also, his radio show alone shows him to have the initiative and plain love of Sleuthing that a top contender of March Madness needs! *passes out ctown pins*

I'm unashamedly going middle of the road in my next endorsements. *clears throat*

Heimlich VonVictor! Is there nothing this guy can't do? He organized Sleuth Survivor, which was a smash hit. He's written countless clever and engaging RP posts, intros and many SMs which have earned renown in the community for their pure brilliance. I am also privileged to have him as a director of my agency, and I can tell you that there was never a more kind, caring, organized and truly helpful individual you could count on. Heim is someone you could come to with anything, any sort of problem and he would level-headedly help you solve it. On the same token, he is by no means shy of the more...interesting side of conversation in barchat.

Anais Nin- ... ... Is there nothing this girl can't do? :D the organizer of this March Madness contest, Anais is a very active detective and one of my mentors on the RPing stage. She's always there to lend a sympathetic ear to my-- ah, Sleuthvilles woes, and unknowingly walk into the Innuendo-Traps I lay for her everytime we're in barchat. Its SO EASY. But seriously, she has a heart of gold, is a wonderful writer and a vital contributer to the content of sleuth. :)

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2010 20:18

Rather than endorsing myself, I'm just going to say in conclusion thank you to all who endorsed me, its very sweet of you and much appreciated. I hope this contest gives many a detective the opportunity to come out of the woodwork and join in the frivolity-- I mean, ah, hard work and dedication to the art of Sleuthing that we strive so hard to accomplish here.

-sketches a curtsy, a dagger, a calling card and a peppermint patty flying out of her dress as she hastily exits-

Pinball Amateur

Mar-6-2010 20:33

Hi there!!

Might I suggest a run-off at some point (either the day after the current round of voting, or after all of Round 1 is finished), for Kachenka and Peter O'Neil??

It might help make things a bit clearer if they had their own time for votes.

Just a suggestion. ;-)

Thank you!! ;-D


Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Mar-7-2010 00:40

For today's endorsements, I'm going to tell you as much as I can about some of my favorite people.

ctown has been a friend to me for as far back as I can remember. Since Obelisk was first started, he has been constantly watching out for us and helped us to succeed so much. His radio show is great to listen to, and I'm always glad to be a guest on it, because it's probably the most intelligent program on the airwaves today :) He never shies away from being a contest judge or a participant and is always willing to "take out the trash" in bar chat.

Holly I can't say that I know too much about. I've spoken with her twice in bar chat, and she was perfectly lovely. To have landed a guy as great as ctown, she's gotta be something special though.

Anais Nin is an amazing person and one of the best friends that I have ever had. She always manages to make me smile, and her attitude towards many things is something that I wish more people had. Her writing is excellent, and I always love reading her RP posts and having the opportunity to write alongside her. Please cast your votes for Anais Nin as I will be doing the same.

miss snopes is an awesome person and a great player. She's without a doubt one of the nicest people I've ever met on this site, and a great person all around. She made a great showing in Sleuth Survivor and is representative of the best part of Sleuth Noir.

Finally, Molly Maltese. Molly is the type of person that every director wishes he could have in his agency. She joined our agency at a time when it was dead and has hung in there with us as we've rebuilt and become even greater than we were before. It couldn't have happened without her. She's always there with the favor we need for treasure hunts, and in bar she is without a doubt one of my favorite people to talk to.

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Mar-7-2010 01:54

Please do not kill me for this. My Sleuth Mail won't open and nothing to do with it works for me. If someone can please (please!!!) PM my votes to Anais (naming me and my problem) I would be really grateful...

Meanwhile I will just hang around and advertise the most deserving people:

ctown seems to be on every thread where you need him. he also added more than one new thread on the message board ('The last person to post in this thread wins' is quite popular as the longest time with no post was probably less than half a month) and never ceases to surprise on those threads. An interesting sleuth in many ways.

Heimlich VonVictor has proven to be a sleuth that deserves this vote in many ways. I wish him luck with his invention! However, without Anais this thread wouldn't be here. (I will not vote here on the grounds that they are pretty equal)

miss snopes gets my vote and I hope she gets yours. She has more Arch Villains and looks slightly more interesting, and also has more experience.

Molly Maltese. Interesting character. I recommend that she receive the amount of votes she rightly deserves. A vote for her is a vote for justice and freedom! (Or is that the other voting?) She has shown herself to excel (do I sound a bit like a teacher writing school reports?) and has more experience than me (due to inactivity, RL and laziness on my part and hard work on hers.) Go Molly Maltese!

(Like I said, please somebody PM this to Anais as my Sleuth Mailer is broken...)

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Mar-7-2010 06:17

Ctown has been around, well, more days than I wish to count. He hosts the wonderful sleuth talk radio and I have also had the pleasure working with him during our time at eye spy. He's a great team player and always ready to answer your questions.

Vote Ctown!

Heim and Anais - Personally there is no way I can pick between the two. Both are big characters in Sleuth and both have a heart of gold. Always there if you need to rant or just talk and great team players. They have both contributed a lot ot Sleuth and are equally as worthy of your vote. I am very privalaged to have them both as friends.

Vote Heimlich or Anais!!

Molly Maltese, is a fellow agency mate and great fun to work with. Not only that but she livens bar chat up no end when she graces it with her presence ;) If you ever need to have a laugh then visit bar whilst molly is in and you're guarenteed to leave laughing.

Vote Molly!

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Mar-7-2010 07:56

Sir William Weine: That's fine, I understand! I'll just take your votes. ;)

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-7-2010 10:19

Boy, I think I'm lucky this isn't a teacher report. Can you imagine all the things I'd get written up for? Dubious dress...carrying concealed firearm...shameless bribery concerning alcoholic drinks...inappropriate innuendoing during serious discussion...


Thanks a bunch guys! That was really nice of you all. :)

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