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The O'Leary Family Mob (With changes)
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Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Jan-20-2010 21:10

Who can join: Anyone (reading Reformed Burglars Never Rest would be nice)

Golden Rule: No 'moving' or speaking for someone else's characters unless you have previously talked about it.(That's basic netiquette)

Plus, I'd like (that's not a rule, though) that off topics would come marked in some of the following ways:
OFF - X, have you read my PM?

No need to ask to join, just post. The O'Learies are all NPC's, so anyone can 'move' or speak for them. Any doubts, feel free to pm me.


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2010 14:39

At this point, Molly finished her errands and returned to the agency. She gave a curt nod at Marc and Elizabeth, then turned her attentions to Annabelle in the corner.

"Have you behaved?" she asked, and Annabelle nodded sweetly, smiling at the guilty expressions of the other two detectives.

"Very well, I believe we have some down time now, so what say you and I go get an ice cream?" Molly asked, but Annabelle shook her head and tugged on Molly's coat to get her to bend down.

"No, is it true you have treasures here?" she asked, lisping in a perfect imitation of childish wonder. None the wiser, Molly nodded and asked if she'd like to see them.

"Do you know their names?" Annabelle asked as she followed her mother, a tiny smile spreading over her lips. She had one in mind, one bargaining chip...

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