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Where is the order of socrates?


Jan-2-2010 09:24

Looked for it everywhere. It's nowhere to be seen.

P.S Is hypnotism good? What can I do with it as an unsubscriber?




Max Abshire
Max Abshire

Jan-2-2010 09:31

It's in the Mayor's Office, under the City Hall link in New York (near where it says Hall of Records). I think Hypnotism is the skill that lets you get more information out of a suspect and I think it works for everyone.


Jan-2-2010 10:37

Hypnotism will work for non-subscribers. However, it will not work every time (subbed or not, makes no difference). It seems to be a random, chance-based thing.

When you ask a suspect if they know of anyone with a motive, you have a chance to hypnotise them (it's automatic, you don't have to actually DO anything), thus getting one more name from them than they would have given. However, there also is a chance that it will not work. And there is no guarantee that the extra name is not someone you have already uncovered.

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