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Christmas Ball
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Big Lucy
Big Lucy

Dec-24-2009 16:27

Christmas Ball at my penthouse, on, well... let's say December 25th (we'll party all day long).

Most days of the year, I run my tried an true scam with that twerp Larry. I move my joint around town and conveniently forget to tell any soul where we're going. Then Larry runs cover for me and convinces you schmucks to cough up $500 bones just for the privilege of stopping by the cabaret. And then, when you finally do get there, the real fleecing begins!

Well, I have to say it's a pretty good gig, but every once in awhile there's that little twitch in the back of my brain... what's it called? Oh yeah: guilt! And I'm overcome with the desire to give back to the Sleuths who work so hard just so I can swindle 'em rotten.

Hah! Just kidding! That's not really why I'm throwing this party. I just thought it would be fun to show all the little people what a few million dishonestly gained dollars can buy.

So! You're invited (yes you), to drop by Empire Heights on Christmas (Friday, Dec 25th) for a Yule-tide Ball and to poke your noses around the place. I know how snoopy your kind gets.

This is open to everysleuth. No invite necessary, so don't go fillin up my inbox.


Fatima Blusch
Fatima Blusch
Assistant Postman

Dec-28-2009 09:01

Shoot! That's what I get for not checking the message boards over Christmas. :(

Hope y'all had a great time!

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