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Your favourite SM? Or bits thereof...
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Story Teller

Dec-10-2009 15:51

Do you Play 'em or do you Read 'em? Have you even tried 'em?

Are they just vehicles to another stat on your page? Do you just play them to say you have? Or are they something you look forward to seeing released?

What's your FAVOURITE Scripted (Featured) Mystery? Why?


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-28-2009 20:03

I'd have to say, I liked the Doomsayer series.

Diamonds and Pebbles wasn't bad either. I'd also have to go along with Heimlich by saying that I like Jospeh Zeo's mystery in Shanghi. All were challenging and I do like Heimlich's mystery even though I have yet to solve it, for I keep getting the wrong person every time.

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