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Accusing a clammed suspect


Dec-3-2009 05:12


I have enough evidence to accuse a witness and I know his motive as well. However, he clammed up straight away from the beginning and did not give me an alibi to check. So this is no fake/none alibi, but nothing at all.

Is it safe to accuse him?

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Elizabeth Christie
Elizabeth Christie
Tireless Tiger

Dec-3-2009 08:58

As long as you have 2 WE against the suspect, it's safe to accuse without knowing the alibi. Careful though, 1 WE and 1 PE is NOT enough!

Pinball Amateur

Dec-3-2009 10:58

As long as you have a motive on the person, AND the evidence to back up your case, yes, it's safe to accuse him.

But please remember the laws/rules of Sleuth:

P/E + False/No alibi = Guilty

W/E + False/No alibi = Guilty

W/E + W/E = Guilty

At the moment, yours does NOT qualify as a No Alibi. It's considered a clammed alibi, and does not meet any of the above yet. Sorry.



Dec-3-2009 13:17

Thanks a lot for your help.

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Dec-13-2009 14:57

The other exception is if you've eliminated everyone else. I'm not sure if that's the case here, but you will find instances where the evidence points to real alibis and the one piece of evidence left points to a clammed suspect. At the higher levels (AI for example), you may find that the other suspects clam up before you can get the two witness evidence statements that you need. It's excruciating when it happens, but if everyone else is eliminated, it has to be the last (clammed) suspect. Good luck and be very sure before you accuse.

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