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Rising Stars Agency

Elizabeth Greene
Elizabeth Greene

Nov-28-2009 03:08

Hello! I've founded a new agency, called 'Rising Stars.'
I welcome any new members to the agency. I am looking forward to keen and active players to raise the bar of my agency activities.
Looking for Early Birds,
Elizabeth Greene.

(Those who want to join can send me a message saying that they want to become a member.)



Nov-28-2009 03:46

Elizabeth,there is a special board for these things,called "The Detective agency recruiting" board. If you go to city hall,message boards,it's the fourth board. Place this message here and it's gonna be alright. Not that I want this one to be removed or so,but it's just the wrong board xD.

Elizabeth Greene
Elizabeth Greene

Nov-28-2009 05:52

Ok, I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion, Vulkie.

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