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Buying Skills. Did I screw up?
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Nov-27-2009 20:25

My character is a Very Strong Archetype.

My experience so far is 1430.

My adjustments are:
Toughness: 4 Smarts: 4 Charm: -1

My skills are:

Stress Detection
Lock Picking
Intermediate Interrogation
Footprint Analysis
Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

Now my only contact is the Banker.

Recently I brought Footprint Analysis at 13 skill points because it was the most costly skill besides research. Now I release as getting a few bloody foot prints. Your success at identifying bloody foot prints as heavy or light depends on how high your smart skills are right?

That why I had to buy sleuth hat(one smart point), and brown and white wing tips shoes(one smart point) to go along with the chemist kit I got from doing a favor. These fill up my three slots. So I only have two for any toughness equipments. As a Very Tough Archetype thats bad when I try to do hard case were everyone clammed shut and I need the high toughness. But without the smart equipment, will I be unable to identify heavy or slim foot prints?

What should I do? Use only tough equipment, suffer the smart equipment so my new skill won't be wasted along with all those skills points or what?

And what skills should I be aiming to get now that are really important?


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Nov-28-2009 16:30


Just wanted to add that if you work to get your rating up high enough with a faction, you can buy much better gear than you can get from the Detective Shop or via favors (at this point in your detective's development) at a pretty reasonable price. Can't remember which factions have which gear, but I'm sure others could help you out with this. You can also find some good gear at Lucy's Cabaret.


Nov-29-2009 15:02

Ah, well thank you everyone (especially Breitkat). You guys have been a great help. Thanks for answering my questions and concerns.

As for subbing, well, I been playing online games since I was 13 and now I finally am old enough to get a job for the money. But still too young for a credit card. Those I will look into mailing (cost of mailing might be high) when I get another job. Thanks for the help again!


Nov-29-2009 16:19

You could also use paypal tummey. It's also a great benefit,as I live in Europe and use paypal. It's a great way to get a subscription on Sleuth.

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Nov-30-2009 00:18

yes tummey paypal is an excellent choice.
Go to any bank and get an internet credit card (the are called prepaid). Charge it with a few euros or $ and then use paypal to join sleuth.
Easy, effective and 100% safe

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