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Anikka, I thought of you!
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-21-2009 22:23

When I was traipsing down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and I stepped on Claudette Colbert's star. I took a picture of it, and thought, "ha, this reminds me of Anikka."



Jack Billings
Jack Billings

Nov-22-2009 10:29

little did you know I can also morph into a MAN! lol

<----is Molly

Pinball Amateur

Nov-22-2009 19:30

It's funny, I think of her all the time....

When I need to do the dusting, I turn around, expecting to see Ani there, bout to tell the maid, "Do the Front Parlor first, then the Library. Don't bother with the Study, you'll just get buried in the Master's folders." And on it goes from there....

It's problematic sometimes having a creative mind.... :-.

(Love ya, Ani!! ;-)

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