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Reformed burglars never rest
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Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-7-2009 22:10

"Brr... I'm cold."

Those were the first words that came out of Elizabeth March's mouth as she entered the hall of the well located house in London. Luckily, the place was warm and cozy.

Empty, too. She wondered were all the servants were.

Well, they'd show up, eventually. She could bet they were in the kitchen, talking and playing cards. She didn't mind. They deserved their rest and some fun.

With that in mind, she moved to the living room, dragged a chair near the fireplace and sat there, just staring at the roaring fire.

Much was in her mind. Her past life as a burglar still haunted her. All the wrong things she had done still lived in her nightmares. The woman let out a tired sigh. All that was in the past now.

She had a new life. An agency. Friends. A new name.

Yes. A new life.

It could be a better one, if she didn't have to carefully hide her past from everyone. She had to mind every word that came out of her mind. Every letter she received. Every phone call...


Damn phone.

She sighed and got up, reluctantly.


"Miss Elizabeth March?"

"Yes. Who's there?"

"Just a friend who wants you to know that dreams may shatter like glass..."

"What, what do you..."

He had hung up, and so did she.

She was still standing by the phone, trembling, when she heard the footsteps. She didn't turn around. It was probably just one of the servants. Yes, it was Gerald, her butler.

He had asked something whose meaning she couldn't reach. Maybe how she was.

"Sorry, Gerald. I'm fine. I was talking on the phone, and felt slightly light-headed."

She forced a smile to the man. He smiled back.

"Maybe you should take a bath and rest, ma'am.", the man suggested, carefully.

"Not now. I've got a phone call to make. After that, I'll do what you say."

She watched as the man left the room and picked the phone back up. She dialed a number, hoping the person on the other side was home. (...)


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-10-2009 20:30

As Marc walked through the streets of London making his way to Tim Robinson's house, he thought about the past few months. Things had been hard since the Charles Craig case. He just had to get out of New York for a while, so he moved to London, where he opend up an office and hired Grace, his secretary.

After a long walk, Marc made it to Tim's house. He opened the gate and made his way to the door.

Marc knocked twice and the door opened almost instantly. Standing in the doorway was a beautiful young woman who couldn't have been any older than twenty five.

"Can I help you?" She said. Her British accent was thick.
"I'm here to talk to Mr. Tim Robinson," Marc replied.
"You're American." The young woman said, sounding shocked.
"Yes, I am. Now where can I find Mr. Robinson?" Marc asked bluntly.
She invited him inside where he sat down on the couch in the living room. Th house was beautiful. Marc had never seen anything like it. These people were rich!
The young woman disappeared down the hallway and returned a moment later with a young clean cut man. It had to be Robinson.

Marc stood up. "Mr. Robinson?" he asked.
The man nodded, "Aye." He said with a heavy Scottish accent.

"Mr. Robinson, I'm a detective, and I need to speak with you about your connection with a lady named Elizabeth March."

"What about her?" He asked curiously.
"Lately she has been reciving threatening phone calls from somebody and your name came up as one of the people who would have a motive to do something to harm her." Marc replied.

There was a long silence before Tim spoke up.
"She had me do some work for her. She then refused to pay me and disappeared. I never have heard from her since." He said.
"Okay, then." Marc said. "I just need to know where you were last night between the hours of six p.m and ten p.m."

Tim thought for a moment before replying, "I was at the Owl and Walnut Bar drinkin'," he said. Marc soon left making his way to the bar.


Nov-10-2009 23:58

"Barkeep,another scotch please" Vulkie said,as she downed her fourth glass.

"Coming right up" Bernie said,from the Owl And Walnut Bar.

"God,Bernie,why does business have to be slow. I just caught a villain,after 10 days. 10 days Bernie!" Vulkie shouted and she took a sip.

"Well,it seems business for you is ever so slow. Maybe a lot of people don't need a detective right now..." Bernie said,the last part a bit hesitating.

"Ah,b*llshit. That's not true. There will always be people who need a PI or a detective." Vulkie said,as she downed her fifth glass.

Just then,a man entered the dimly shaded bar. As Vulkie turned around to look who is was,she was astonished to see him.

"Hi... Marc..." She said and Marc looked at Vulkie. "So,this is how you're spending your well earned $7000,-" Marc said.

"No,this is coming out of my own pocket. Bernie happens to be a good friend of mine and he often "keeps an eye closed" ,if you know what I mean?" Vulkie said and Marc waved.

"No need to explain that. I know Bernie. Can I have a small whiskey Bern?" Marc asked and he placed himself on a barstool.

"So,what have you been up to lately?" Marc asked and Vulkie said the same she said to Bernie.

"Geez... Yeah,business for me has also been slow. But lately,I have a rather intriguing case..." Marc said and he explained.

"So,can I be of any assistance to you?" Vulkie said,waiting for a reply...

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-11-2009 18:15

Marc downed his scotch of whiskey. From the moment he saw Vulkie he had been dreading this question since he mentioned his case. When she asked him "So, can I be of any assiistance to you?" he wasn't

"Vulkie..." Marc paused. "I don't think there is much you can do. I don't even know why I'm drinking this scotch. Bernie, I actually came to check out an alibi of a suspect of mine; Tim Robinson. He claims to have been in here last night. Did you happen to see him?"

Bernie looked up. "Tim Robinson? What's he look like?"

"He's an averaged size guy, clean cut, dresses like a lawyer and has a scottish accent." Marc replied.

"A Scottsman...if I remember right, I believe he was in here last night..he came in about six pm and left around nine or ten. He was pretty drunk." Bernie said shaking his head.

"Thank's Bern," Marc said and he threw down the money to pay for his shot.

Bernie laughed aloud and said, "This one's on the house." Marc thanked him and left. As he stepped outside into the cold whether, he pulled out his watch. It was noon and he was hungry for lunch. Marc only kept a handful of cash on him so he figured something quick and easy would do the trick. He remembered the cafe in the hotel and how great the food was. So that's where he went.

He walked inside the cafe and saw to people whom he thought he'd never see again. Charlie Cain and Molly Maltese. Next to Molly was another man. Marc walked up to them from behind. Placing his hand on Molly's shoulder, he nelt down behind her and said, "Now what is someone like you, doing in a big city like this?".
Molly jumped and when she realized who it was, she nearly fell out of her chair.

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-11-2009 20:37

After the whole mess with the rooms was solved, Elizabeth didn't have much more to do than staying behind closed doors, thinking. A book was on her lap, but she wasn't reading it. It was a mistery novel, and she wasn't in the mood for that right now.

She placed the book on her night stand and picked another one. It was "Wuthering Heights".

She read for a couple hours, only closing it when she felt hungry. A look at her pocket watch informed the young woman that it was lunch time.

Changing her blouse and coat, Elizabeth went downstairs to the hotel's cafe. She didn't even realized there were other people there, as she looked absent-mindedly at the menu.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-11-2009 20:56

"Lord in Heaven don't DO that to me!" Molly cried dramatically, gasping for air. but she dissolved into giggles until she realized that Pierce had his gun aimed squarely at Marc's forehead.

"Alright, Miss?" he asked, and Molly straightened up.

"Yes, Pierce, this is another friend. Pierce Evans Malone, Marc Lacrimosa, likewise." she said tiredly. "I hired Pierce after the Billings affair, Marc. Hes just cautious. It's wonderful to see you! How have you been, tell me everything! We've actually spoken to your client, Miss March. There was a mix-up with the room you see, we met quite by chance. Once again Marc, all our combined resources are at your disposal if you'd like them!"

She smiled sunnily and took a sip of her orange juice, then turned a shrewd eye on Marc. " You look a little irritated; what happened?"

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-11-2009 21:13

Molly introduced Marc to Pierce and Marc reached out to shake Pierce's hand. Cautiously, Pierce reached out and shook Marc's hand. Marc took a seat next to Charlie.

"Charlie, it's good to see you? How have you been?" Marc asked him.
"I've been doing fine." Charlie replied. They shook hands as well.

"You look a little irritated; what happend?" Molly asked.
Marc let out a chuckle and explained the case. He told them how he went to check out an alibi at the Owl and Walnut Bar where he ran into Vulkie who seemed to be getting a little drunk.

"I told Vulkie that I just got assigned a case and she offered to help. I told here there wasn't anything she could do." Marc told them. Molly shook her head. Not sure whether she was shaking her head at Marc for telling Vulkie or Vulkie asking to help after what she did to us in New York.

Marc changed th subject instantly. "I can't stay for very long and chat, but I can stay for a quick bite to eat. Then I have to go talk to another person about their alibi. If they too have a valid alibi, I'm going to be lost. I'll have to go back to Elizabeth and get more names from her." Marc said.
He looked up and saw Elizabeth three tables down from them reading her menu.

"Charlie? Do you mind doing me a favor?" Marc asked.
"What is it?" Charlie asked
"Elizabeth March over there, needs some kind of protection-"
"And you want me to help protect her?"
"...If you don't mind. She needs some kind of male protection and I can't do it and solve the case at the same time. It's impossible."
Charlie nodded. We excused our selves from the table and moved to talk to Elizbeth. I told her that Charlie was there for her protection. Without saying a word, she nodded.

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-12-2009 23:57

Elizabeth was still reading her menu, trying to make some sense out of it, as she heard Marc's voice.

She put the menu down - she wasn't hungry, anyway - and payed attention to the two man.

Only after a while she opened her mouth, directing a question at Charlie.

"Mr... Hmm... I'm sorry, I didn't catch your last name.", she paused for a while before continuing.

"Are you sure I won't be a burden for you? I mean... I don't know, wives and girlfriends are not always understanding. If yours isn't, I can deffend myself, as long as I stay in here."

After that suggestion, the woman went silent again. She looked really tired and pale. It was obvious she hadn't been sleeping well lately.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-13-2009 17:56

"Nonsense, Miss March." Molly piped up smartly, lighting a cigarette. "Why, both Charlie darling AND Marc spent copious amounts of time with me and never breathe a word about trouble. Now I'll admit to you I'm as vain as Clara Bows mirror, and if I cant make some housewife jealous already then either Im losing my touch or there is nothing to worry about!"

She winked good-naturedly and tapped the end of her cigarette. Molly was both whip-smart and charming; a girl had to be with her background. She made some women extremely uncomfortable, but she was always honest about how proud she was of her well-maintained figure and perfectly made-up face. It was a running joke for her, she had no issues laughing at herself and making quips about her infamous vanity.

"Of course, Miss March, you could give me a run for my money anyday." Molly noted, scrutinizing her face. "Why, I do declare I'm jealous! You are downright lovely!"

Playfully she pouted. "Just watch that you don't give her too much attention and neglect me, boys. Remember, I pack pistols in places you would never dream of seeing!" she said, patting the thigh holster where it pressed against her skin under her tasteful skirt.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Nov-13-2009 19:45

" Miss March you look tired lets get you back up to your room. Since I am now in charge of your safety I'd feel better knowing you were out of sight." Charlie said trying to keep a straight face after Molly's comment.

As the two headed towards the stairs Marc yelled out to Charlie " I'll be sure to keep you well informed of the progress."

Charlie gave a thumbs up and followed Elizabeth up the stairs.....

Once in the room Charlie wedged a wooden chair against the door and closed all the curtains.

"Now then I think this should be give us abit more security Miss March" Charlie said

" Please call me Elizabeth, Mr. Cain" Elizabeth replied.
" And please my name is Charlie, my father was Mr. Cain." said Charlie.

Charlie assumed the role of protector quite easily it is a role he has played quite often. Elizabeth sat on the bed reading a novel and Charlie sat by the door. He tried to seem invisable no sense in unnerving Elizabeth anymore than she already seemed...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-13-2009 20:52

Molly clicked her tongue as Charlie led Elizabeth up the stairs, her eyes sparkling with good humor.

"That man's good," she said to no one in particular. "He just met the lady and he already got her upstairs..."

Pierce threw her a disapproving look and she made a supplicating gesture.

"Mea culpa, mea culpa." she said easily. "Now, Marc, what say I help you interrogate suspects? I'm bored witless and Pierce here is about as fun as a brick wall."

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