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Need help on how to solve harder cases
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Nov-5-2009 22:12

hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone could help me, I can't seem to understand how the game works. Apart from the suspects, I noticed the townspeople clammed too fast.

Not only that I couldn't verify the alibi, I couldn't even match the evidence against the suspects, what should I do?

I've the following skills:

Advanced Sweet Talking
Advanced Rule Bending
Thread Analysis
Hair Analysis

Please Help.

Lonely Luke



Nov-7-2009 17:14

Yes indeed, you're right Irene. Only yesterday alone, I've solved 30+ Easy cases stored by the members in ISAC and able to complete my smart skills except research and faction skills.

Now I'm moving towards intermediates and starting to get stuck due to the fact that I don't have sweet talking.

You're right as well, ctown28, I can understand what you meant by solving the cases the other way around without asking for alibi, but I still prefer to get alibi first. Maybe my strategy will change as I go higher level, but as for now, that's the simplest way for me to follow.

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