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Need help on how to solve harder cases
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Nov-5-2009 22:12

hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone could help me, I can't seem to understand how the game works. Apart from the suspects, I noticed the townspeople clammed too fast.

Not only that I couldn't verify the alibi, I couldn't even match the evidence against the suspects, what should I do?

I've the following skills:

Advanced Sweet Talking
Advanced Rule Bending
Thread Analysis
Hair Analysis

Please Help.

Lonely Luke



Nov-6-2009 22:39

Hi Breitkat,

I noticed I get stucked from:
Stupendously Hard level - which I couldn't even ask for motive after asking alibi
Incredibly Hard level - which I couldn't even ask for witness evidence after asking alibi and motive
Really Really Hard level - carefully, I'm still able to match physical evidence against fake alibi suspects

Usually, this is how I do my cases:
1) Check crime scene, open the case in 1st tab, hall of records in 2nd tab and map in 3rd tab.
2) Before I start questioning suspects, I would use the Hall of records to check if the suspects I started with contains one that has a fake alibi but not guilty.
3) Then I usually start questioning from top to bottom, starting by asking for alibi, then motive.
4) Depends on the level that I'm doing, I would visit the fortune teller when I think I'm almost finish unlocking suspects to check if there's anymore I need to unlock.
5) Then I verify the alibi, if its real, I'll move to the next one on the lists until I found my first fake alibi suspect.
6) Then I visit the physical evidence townie one by one based on the clues I found in the crime scene to match.
7) If it matches, I click case tab to refresh the screen to confirm that I have a physical evidence match to a fake alibi suspect, then I accuse.
8) Let say there's a remaining 2 fake suspects which I couldn't even check with townie on matching clues, then i'll ask everyone for proof on first fake, if no one gives witness evidence, then i accuse the 2nd fake. lol...but so far, I've gotten 2 False Accusations (1st one paid), 2nd one still on my record now.

But that's it, I get less stuck on Really Really Hard, more stuck on Incredibly Hard and totally stuck with Stupendously Hard. It just seems like the game allowed me to unlock case level beyond my capability and forced me to quit and waste money on bribes if I want to do the highest level that I've unlocked.

I've read, it says Guilty = PE + Fake = WE + Fake = 2WE. (continue..)


Nov-6-2009 22:46

Currently, I've only done up to hard level of favors, and the most I get is a +3 Charm gear, and most of the time, they don't boost both charm and smart, but because my first favor gear is charm, that's why I go for charm, but end up not getting charm gear :(

Yeah, I managed to visit the Cabaret 2 days earlier and yes, the price is too expensive for me to buy. I think I need to pay off my False Accusation now before its too late, so I've been wondering, should I do Intermediates or Really Hard in order to save money, so that I can maximise my xp while saving on bribes?

Hi Irene,
It was someone really cool and nice that gave me a 1 month gift subscription, which I don't know how to repay. :D


Nov-7-2009 00:32

Hm... ;-)
I still would recommend you join an agency, as they will normally have access to better equipment, as well as money to support you and help you through the early phases of the game. ;-)
If you don't find any other agency, you might search up "Huglover", a friend of mine, and ask her about an invite, because I think she can offer you part of what you need ;-)

When it comes to your game solving strategy, I have seen it done before, but, I have to admint it's not the best one... ;-)
Doing a research on every suspect to see if they "drop" out is good.
Getting yourself some more smart evidence analyzing skills will be wise.
Use a paper or something and note down for every suspect if they are:
female or male, have curly or straight hair, are heavy or slim, are right or left handed.
You only have a limited amount of questions on the harder levels, so many people think it's better to ask if the suspects knows about anyone with motive before asking alibi. But, most important, put on your paper what alibi the suspects claim. Decide carefully who to ask, and try to avoid verifying the alibi of those you also would like to ask about evidence.
When you can analyze the evidence, you will notice that you don't have to check all evidences with all suspects, and you will be able to be even more strategic, saving the few questions you have.
When it comes to gift subs, I believe that the best way to "repay" such, are to stay in the game, have fun and be active. Just like you show you are ;-)


Nov-7-2009 02:35

Hi Irene,

I really love this game, especially this version of the game as compared to shades of mystery, as this version actually forced me to think and read carefully before I click, whereas the other version doesn't really need me to be part of an agency, as long as I know which skills to learn first.

Tireless Tiger

Nov-7-2009 09:15

While there are many benefits to joining an agency, I do urge you to be careful. Agencies are great to help you when you get stuck on a case as member can open the case and get questions answered for you. But what fun is it and what are you learning if you just file everything and let the rest of the agency do the work for you.

Your strategy is not bad, right up to the part where you guess without following the formula for a guilty suspect. You have learned early that Shady can be rather expensive. He gets more expensive as your xp goe sup so be very careful.

When questioning suspects, I tend to ask motives and then alibis, once I know I have all of the suspects is when I stop asking about motives. I do it this way due to the fact that I can still solve a case with a suspect that clams up for an alibi, but if they all clam up before I have all of the suspects/motives, then the case can become unsolvable.


Nov-7-2009 10:09

I do agree. And, to be honest (in case someone does not know), I don't like the idea of doing everything for a newbie anymore. It's too time consuming. They are going to be able to grow up themselves, and to grow have a cost, and the best thing are if people learn that part themselves.

Only thing that is important to tell a newbie are that if they just put in patience and work, EVERY "mistake" in this game can be covered up for. Do you choose a "wrong" skill, you may still learn the "right" one. It just takes a bit more time. There is actually only 1 choice in the game that you cannot change later on, but then you will probably have learned soo much that you can distinguish between "striped animals" and a "special cup of tea"... ;-)

What I have no problem with though, are to "spam" a newbie with free cases that does not even have the crime scene searched out... In my eyes it's a win-win as long as I have access to more cases than I manage to solve by myself.


Nov-7-2009 17:14

Yes indeed, you're right Irene. Only yesterday alone, I've solved 30+ Easy cases stored by the members in ISAC and able to complete my smart skills except research and faction skills.

Now I'm moving towards intermediates and starting to get stuck due to the fact that I don't have sweet talking.

You're right as well, ctown28, I can understand what you meant by solving the cases the other way around without asking for alibi, but I still prefer to get alibi first. Maybe my strategy will change as I go higher level, but as for now, that's the simplest way for me to follow.

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