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Disillusioned Detectives
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-6-2009 15:36

Things don't always go as you would want them to go. I looked at the dead body of 26 year old Carol Fisher. She had been mutilated by someone. Stabbed a total of seven times and then shot once in the head. The local police knew who the killer was. The problem was finding him. They had a name. They had proof. They had physical evidence that linked him to the crime and witness evidence. It was enough evidence to put him a way for life.

I was worned that he is a master of disguises. He can disapper with the blink-of-an-eye.

Detective Thomas McDonald looked at me when I was finished examining the body. "I heard about your reputation around here."

"What about it?" I asked

"If you can catch our killer, Charles Craig, I can promise a handsome reward." he replied.

I thought about it. Money. I needed money real bad. I was behind on rent for both my apartment and my office. Money is good.

"Fine. I'll take it," I said and I left back for my office. I reviewed the background and case file of Mr. Craig. This wasn't going to be easy, that was for sure. I decided to make a phone call to a few friends of mine to see if they would be interested in making some decent money in helping to find a killer who could blend in to even the smaller crowds.

It was dark and there was nothing I could do for the night. I'd have to start in the morning. So I went home for the night to get some sleep. The next morning, went to my office to make a call to a few friends to see if they'd be interested in making a few dollars in helping to find this killer.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-4-2009 16:46

It was a short walk around the block to Jack Billings' mansion; or as Brian called it, an appartment.

"Brian?" I said, "This is no appartment. It's a mansion."

Brian chuckled. "Sorry mate. I tend to get carried away when it comes to chasing bad guys."

Heimlich let a chuckle as well.

We all approached the gate and opened it. It wasn't a long walk nor a shortwalk up the driveway to the front door. As I approached the front door there was a gun shot. All of our faces dropped.

"That's not good," Heimlich said.
I nodded and we all pulled out our pistols.
"Riza, I want you and Nellie to be the last ones in the door. Heimlich? I want you right behind me and Brian behind Heimlich. I'm going to kick this thing in."

We all got into position. I brought up my leg and kicked the door. Hard. It flew inside the house about four feet breaking the hinges off the door and wall crashing into someone. I entered the house with my .38 special drawn and ready to fire. Everyone entered and that's when we saw Molly fire a second shot barely missing Jack Billings.

"HOLD YOUR FIRE AND FREEZ BILLINGS!" I screamed. Everything seemed to go quiet. One of his goons was trying to pull him self up off the ground when Nellie was quick to kick him in the face. The other one dropped his pistold and raised his hands. Jack turned around smiling.

"Brian Flannigan," he said with a smile, "You almost got me back in New York."
"Almost isn't good enough," Brian replied.
Billings held his smile and said, "You don't seem to have a sense of humor."
"I lose my sense of humor when it comes to murder." Brian snapped back.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-4-2009 16:58

"Now drop the gun and put your hands on your head. I'm taking you in, Billings."
Jack laughed out loud. "You'll never take me in alive. I have people everywhere who can come and get me out anytime."
"As we speak, J. Edgar Hoover and his men are rounding up your goons." Charlie said. Billings' smile dropped from his face. He raised his gun placing his finger on the trigger slowly squeezing it.


Billings' leg burst open from a gun shot. He howled and fell to the floor. I looked around to see Molly holding her gun. Blood trickled down her cheak from where Jack had hit her.
"Brian? Before I hand him over to you, do you mind if I have a word with him about the where abouts of Charles Craig?" I asked.

"Go for it," Flannigan said.

I grabbed Billings and threw him in a chair. Heimlich apprached me from behind and stood next to me as I began to question Jack Billings.

"You and I both know that you know where he is. So you better start talking." I said.
"Bite me!" Billings growled. Then he spat in my face. My reaction was quick and I pistol whipped him in the face and he grunted with pain.

"Where is he?" I asked him again.
Billings laughed again. I looked down at his wounded leg and then up at him.
"I'm going to cause you severe pain if you don't start talking," I warned him.
Billings didn't take me serious. Instead, he said "Do your worst."
I did. I doug my thumb deep into his wound and he howled in agony. It was the second time I had done this method of interrogation (See Chase around the world in 80 days).
It worked.
"Alright I'll talk!" he cried, "no more. Please." he said.
"Where is he?!" Heimlich yelled.
"Craig has a small appartment. It's right off Doyle street. If you're lucky, you'll catch him there." He said with tears in his eyes.
"Brian?" I said. "He's all yours."
Brian shook his head. "Leave him here. We'll come back for him later. Tie him and his goons up so they can't get away." We tied them up. Then we left.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Nov-4-2009 19:55

I was setting out in front of the apartment on Doyle Street when I saw my friends come running out of a alley way.

" Hey, over here." I said waving my hands at them. They immediately came over. Molly looked pretty banged up but other than that they all looked fine.

" Ok, my source tells me this is Craig's apartment building. I've been watching it for 30 minutes and no one has came in or left." I said trying to catch Marc up to speed.

" Its your call how do you wanna handle this?" I asked.

Marc looked at each of us then laid his plan out. " Nellie, Heim I want you two to stay at the back entrance detain anyone who comes out." Marc said.

" Right, were on it." Heim replied as the two took off around the back of the building.

"Brian I want you to watch the fire exit if he comes out that way stop him." Marc stated.

" Charlie, Molly you two are coming with me. We go in guns drawn. If you have to shoot try not to kill him unless there is no other way. Got it?" He said.

" Yeah, we got it." I replied. "Molly what happend to you?" I asked

She just rolled her eyes and we took off towards the main entrance.

Marc checked out the ledger on the clerks desk " Room 117" he said with a smile as we headed up the stairs....

Molly McMouse
Molly McMouse

Nov-4-2009 23:00

Molly had her pistol out, and she squinted against the incessant pounding in her head.

"He's a cowardly little bastard." she said to no one in particular. "Who hits a girl with a pistol?

She ascended the steps irritably, then another floor up she said, "if Charles Craig is not in his room I swear to God I'm going to scream and shoot someone. Not necessarily in that order."

They surrounded the door, and Molly took the position in front of it, knocking. In a perfect imitation of a rough cockney accent she bellowed, "Oy! Oo open up een there! 'Ealth code eenspec-shun!"

She grinned at the others and then cocked her gun and raised it as the door slowly opened...


Nov-5-2009 10:42

"DON'T!!!" Vulkie yelled and suddenly,a blast erupted from room 117,which knocked Molly,Heimlich and Marc away. Nellie and Riza ran towards me when I yelled and the rest was too shocked to see me.

"What are you doing here?" Riza asked and I sighed. "I was following you all the time. When I saw you entering this building,I "interrogated" the clerk and he laughed,saying that "Craig" had a small surprise upstairs,which would give you a nice "bang-up". 1+1 is 2 and I figured out what he meant." Vulkie replied.

"Just then,you "almost" entered the room and the blast was enormous. But luckily,you are all ok.." Vulkie said.

"Ehmm,Vulkie? Not everyone is alright..." Marc said,as he pointed to Heimlich,who was breathing heavily.

"No... No... Not you Heimlich. Not you!" Vulkie yelled. She dropped her gun,ran towards Heimlich and hugged him tightly. "Ouch.." Heimlich said,while he continued with breathing heavily.

"He needs to get to a doctor at least..." Nellie said and I nodded.

"You go after Craig. I'll take care of Heim.." Vulkie said and the gang left,a bit shocked.

"Heimlich..." Vulkie began,but Heimlich stopped her from saying what she meant to say.

"I know what you... you did was terrible... But... but why?" Heimlich said.

"I was working with the FBI Heimlich.. I... I couldn't tell. But now,a burden has been off my life... Please.. forgive me..." Vulkie said,as she pulled Heimlich up and helped him "limp" outside the hotel.

"I understand..." Heimlich said, "but I can't forgive you for what you did. What you did was terrible... you betrayed... us..." Heimlich said.

"I know... Once I get Craig,he will pay for what he's done.." Vulkie said and so,she hauled a "cab" and went towards an old family friend of hers,who was a doctor...

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Nov-6-2009 13:08

The group and I headed out the door. We were off in search of Craig once again. That guy was slippery, and it was getting on my nerves. Not only had he bumped me, but he had seriously hurt one of my friends. Unacceptable. I wanted to kick his ass, and I wanted to do it now. The others knew to stay away from me when I was in this kind of mood, so I walked slowly behind the others, my hand clasped so tightly around the pistol in my pocket that I was cutting off circulation to my hand.

As Marc was crossing an alleyway, I heard Molly gasp. Everything happened in a split second. Suddenly my eyes shot up and I saw what she saw: a hand holding a gun, about to pull the trigger and blow Marc’s brains out. Craig! Molly tackled Marc to the ground as I raised my pistol and fired at the hand. There was a grunt and a scream. The grunt came from Marc, who had had the wind knocked out of him. The scream was what brought a smile to my face. “Bull’s-eye!” I thought to myself.

Craig took off running down the alley, with all of us hot in pursuit. This time it was easier to follow him because he left a trail of blood. And then, suddenly, the trail ended. We looked around. There was no one. And unless he could fly, there was no way out. Molly took a deep breath and screamed profanities while Nellie stood there looking stunned. People stopped by and looked to see what all the commotion was about. After a few minutes, Marc turned to us and said resignedly, “Let’s just stick to the main streets from now on,” and proceeded to lead us down the block.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-6-2009 13:56

"Are you %&*#ing kidding me? What the %&*# @)*)@ @@)#*(@)$&$*@ @$&@(#@&??" Molly demanded of the sky as they lost him once again. With a scream of rage she turned on her heel and stalked after Marc, limping slightly after she had tackled him to the ground.

She looked down at the smart suit she was wearing, now riddled with holes and dirt and grime.

"When we finally catch this bastard," she said darkly, "I'm fleecing him for the cost of this suit."

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Nov-6-2009 16:55

" Hey Charlie cant you and your plant eatter friends find this guy already?" Molly asked me. I knew she was upset we all were.

But I was getting tired of the lack of trust. " Look lady I aint a plant eatter or a tree hugger or nothing like that. You might not agree with my contacts or the people with which I use to help solve a case from time to time. But atleast I told everyone up front what I was doing! If you dont trust me fine...." I said getting louder as I ranted.

" Hey! what is it? Why cant you two get along? " Marc asked looking tired and ragged. " We are all at our witts end none of us are thinking right after this last trap. I suggest we all head back to the hotel and get some rest." He said looking from Molly to Me.

" I'm going to the hospital to check on Heim." Riza said walking away from the rest of the group. " Hey wait a minute I'll go too." I said jogging after her to catch up.

" Hey Marc, well meet you at the Owl and Walnut in a few hours!" I yelled back to Marc as he, Molly, Nellie, and Brian headed back to the hotel.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-6-2009 21:17

Some thing didn't seem right to me. Vulkie came back. But why? Nellie, Molly, Brian and I headed back to the hotel to go over our clues. Once again, Charles escaped our grasp. But with a price to pay, he took a bullet. I wasn't sure where he was hit, but Riza made a hit. I stopped half way back to the hotel. I was on the sidewalk getting ready to cross the street, when it hit me that Craig had been shot. It was like a slap in the face to me.

"Marc? What's wrong?" Molly asked?

"Craig may have gone to the hopital..." I said, my voice drowing out.

"We need to go and check." Then we can meet up with the rest of the gang."

It took about fifteen to twenty minutes to walk to the hospital, all of us walking without a word. Charles had been shot and he needed some patching up. The only place he could have gone to get some stiches, was the hospital.

I walked into the emergency room doors with Brian right behind me. Behind him was Molly, then Nellie.

"Can I help you?" The young medical assisstant asked.

"I'm here to see if a man by the name of Charles Craig, or Bucky Ingham has checked in due to a gun shot wound." I said.

She looked down at her registration form. "Yes, a Bucky Ingham checked in about twenty minutes ago, and checked out about ten." she said.

"DAMNIT!" I yelled, as I slammed my fist down on the table. She jumped and I apologized to her. Then I asked her where I can find a man named Heimlich VonVictor and she told me his room number. When we entered the room I saw Vulkie standing next to Heimlich.

"Marc?" She said sounding surprised to see me. "I thought you were going back-"

"Cut the crap, Vulkie," I said angrily, "and start talking. Enlighten me. Why'd you come back and what do you think you are doing?"


Nov-7-2009 04:09

"I... I can't explain Marc. It's too complicated. Heimlich knows... When the time is right,when we've got Craig,I can tell. But for now,no... You can keep my detective license if you want,but I'm still after Craig,no matter what. What he's done now has been too painful for me. Attacking my friends is attacking me. And I hate it when people attack me. They always pay for what they've done..." Vulkie said and sighed.

Marc nodded,Nellie was scribbling something on her notepad,Riza was looking around and Heimlich grunted.

"I know why she did it guys. Please,you've got to believe her. I also am angry by her betrayal,but it has a reason.." Heimlich added.

"I still ain't gonna trust her Heimlich" Marc said. Vulkie couldn't hold her tears anymore,as they began flowing.

"You... You... Ok,what if I get Craig,you trust me then?" Vulkie said.

"No..." Marc replied. Nellie held her hand on Marc's shoulder. "Marc,she isn't lying. She's willing to help us..." Nellie said.

"I still ain't going to trust her then..." Marc replied and turned his back.

"Here,you can have your license back" Marc said and he threw it on the floor. "You're not even worthy of being a "detective" anymore.." Marc added.

"YOU INSULANT SON OF A..." Vulkie yelled and ran away,going to get Craig. But she had no clue where to start. Then,suddenly,she muttered something. "Billings!" she yelled and she went off towards Billing's mansion...

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