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Disillusioned Detectives
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-6-2009 15:36

Things don't always go as you would want them to go. I looked at the dead body of 26 year old Carol Fisher. She had been mutilated by someone. Stabbed a total of seven times and then shot once in the head. The local police knew who the killer was. The problem was finding him. They had a name. They had proof. They had physical evidence that linked him to the crime and witness evidence. It was enough evidence to put him a way for life.

I was worned that he is a master of disguises. He can disapper with the blink-of-an-eye.

Detective Thomas McDonald looked at me when I was finished examining the body. "I heard about your reputation around here."

"What about it?" I asked

"If you can catch our killer, Charles Craig, I can promise a handsome reward." he replied.

I thought about it. Money. I needed money real bad. I was behind on rent for both my apartment and my office. Money is good.

"Fine. I'll take it," I said and I left back for my office. I reviewed the background and case file of Mr. Craig. This wasn't going to be easy, that was for sure. I decided to make a phone call to a few friends of mine to see if they would be interested in making some decent money in helping to find a killer who could blend in to even the smaller crowds.

It was dark and there was nothing I could do for the night. I'd have to start in the morning. So I went home for the night to get some sleep. The next morning, went to my office to make a call to a few friends to see if they'd be interested in making a few dollars in helping to find this killer.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-20-2009 21:53

After Molly was done speaking, there was a stunned silence in my office. I slowly moved around in a circle. I sat down in my chair, and pulled out my pipe. I didn't light it, but I put the end in my mouth. I thought about what Molly said.

Finally after a moment of silence I looked up

"Molly maybe on to something. I think we should split up. There are five us. So there will be an even number of people. Who ever is going to the pier, will go with three people. Who ever is going to the bank to check the deposit boxes will go with two." I said,"Charlie? You, Heimlich, and Nellie, go check the pier. Molly and I will go and check the deposit boxes."

"Can do," Charlie said, "When and where do we meet back?"

I pulled out my pocket watch and opened it. "It's 8:30 am," I said. "We meet back here at noon. That gives us thee and a half hours to get to our destination, find out what we can, and get back here to talk about our findings," I said.

I stood up. My blood was pumping. I was still angry at Vulkie for how she betrayed us like she did. "No body deserts anyone. We all stick together. If anyone comes up with an idea or gets a thought to go check something, then everyone goes with that person. We've already got a bad rep around the area as it is. Too many shots have been fired and we don't need to attract anymore attention to ourselves as it is. Am I understood?" I said.

Everyone nodded.

"We meet back here at noon," I said, "No later, no earlier."

We all left without a word. Molly and I tood my car.

---30 minutes later---

We pulled into the parking lot of the bank. I looked at Molly
"Here we go," I said.
We got out of my car and walked inside.

Nellie McKinzey
Nellie McKinzey

Oct-21-2009 11:38

The pier. Pier 117-A to be exact. Nellie was trying to remember what had happened there before- she knew, just knew, that she had heard something associated with that specific pier before. But what?

Nellie was also doing her best to stay out of Mr. VonVictor's way. Yes, they were on much better terms now- he didn't tell her "Rule number..." anymore, but still, better to stay on his good side. For this reason, she was being much quieter than usual.

Mr. Cain sat in the front passenger seat as Mr. VonVictor drove. Nellie gazed out the windows, watching the city streets as they passed, getting shorter and shorter as they neared the water.

The car pulled smoothly into a parking spot, and the three tumbled out, eager to get to the pier.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-21-2009 13:01

Methodically, Molly pulled out her gun and checked the count of bullets. She closed it up and held it low in one hand, pointed towards the floor. She grinned slyly at Marc.

"Never can be too careful."

She went over and had hushed words with Ruby Kinsella, who was frowning. She took a look as Molly pulled out a couple of bills and put them on the ledge. Suddenly all smiles, Kinsella pocketed the money and waved them into a back room.

She bustled around and opened one of the safe deposit boxes, then looked around nervously.

"I'll just be waiting outside." she said, and squeezed past the two detectives as they advanced.

Molly pulled open the box and looked inside. The box was filled with pictures of Carol, and one neat white envelope. She picked it up and opened it. After staring at it for a couple of minutes, she spoke.

"Its an itinerary." she said finally, and showed it to Marc. "The tickets gone, but it's looks like its for a ship bound for London, docking tonight at..."

They both looked at one another and said in unison, "Pier 117-A!"

"We need to get down there!" Marc said, turning on his heel to go. Molly quickly scooped up the contents of the box and fled behind him, breezing past an astonished Kinsella on the way to the car.

"I wish we could warn them!" Molly said as Marc started driving like a bat out of hell, fighting through the city traffic towards the piers. Anxiously, she focused on sorting through the contents of the box, and was surprised when she picked up an envelope addressed to Charles Craig from a J. BILLINGS.

She opened it and saw one single printed sentence on a piece of stationery. The sentence was a jumble of letters and she spent the next 10 minutes decoding it. As they pulled into the pier parking lot, she straightened and read triumphantly, "Target: Molly Maltese Apt 45 Birchwood...HEY! HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PUT A HIT OUT ON ME!"

Marc threw her a bemused look but said, "er, lets worry about that one later..."

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Oct-21-2009 13:04

As the trio made their way to the guard house at the gate everyone kept quiet. The guard was the normal run of the mill guard angry and underpaid. " Hey whada youse want?" the guard asked?

Charlie seeing his name tag before the other two replied first...

" Well Mr. O' Mally my name is Charlie Cain this is Dr. Heimlich Von Victor and the pretty lady there is Nellie McKinzey we are private detectives. And were wondering if you will be so kind as to let us in and have a look at peir 117-A?" I said.

" Cain you used to work homicide down in 23rd precint right?" O'Mally asked?

" True, you work the job?" I asked

" Me, yeah I worked the job. And I remember you. And you aint on my list of people I like. I know what you did even if you did get away with it." O'Mally spat.

I rubbed my face and gave a not so polite smile. Just as I was about to belt this guy Nellie cut me off.

" Sir I'm a reporter and I have every right to go in there and look around. Unless there is something illegal going on in there I think you had better let us in or I will have ever reporter and cop down here crawling all over this place by the time the sun sets." Nellie said with a nod.

" Ma'am if you want in fine by me." O'Mally said and opened the gate.

" Nellie that was great." Heim said. "Yeah great job there lady." I said giving the guard a lingering glare.

" Well boys its all about finese." Nellie said laughing.

We all broke out laughing and headed to the peir. I could tell though Nellie finally got the respect she deserved from Heim and she definately earned mine....

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-21-2009 15:39

"Wait, is that them over by the guard gate?" Marc asked, then leaped out of the car and flagged the three down. Molly climbed out of the car a bit more slowly, her face livid as she murmured sinisterly about assasination and what she'd do to various components of Jack's body if she ever found him. Impatiently Marc grabbed her by the wrist and hauled her after him, paying no attention to the guard as he sputtered angrily.

"Guys, Charles Craig is going to be here tonight!" Marc panted. Molly suddenly snapped out of her foul mood and smiled benevolently at them all.

"Oh yes, that's right." she dusted Marc's hand off her wrist and started down the walk. "Pier 117-A houses a boat, as you may imagine."

She unfolded the itinerary sheet and brandished it as they all hurried to keep up with her.

"And this particular boat is leaving the country, and one particular man we're all dying to catch has a ticket to board this boat tonight."

"I think they like them referred to as ships." Nellie piped up, but Molly waved this information way.

"You say tomato, I say tomahto." she said breezily, and then turned the final corner and brought the group right up to the hull of the ship.

"The U.S.S Lucinda, if you must know." she said, and they all looked up at the ship in awe. It wasn't as big as some ships, as far as cruise liners or passenger ships went, but it was still pretty sizeable. Crewmen could be seen here and there, preparing the ship for her voyage.

"The question is whether he's on board or not." Molly said, frowning. "I dont know whats better; he could be on board right now, disguised as a sailor, or we could lose him in the rush of passengers at boarding time."

" ingenious." Charlie said. "the 117-A's. His whole escape plan! How on earth did he do it?"

"I imagine the support of La Cosa Nostra is no small thing..." Heimlich said, and they all lapsed into silence, wondering what they should do next...

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-22-2009 19:37

"We're getting on that ship," I said.

Heimlich looked at me. "Marc? Are you sure about this? What if he's not on that ship?"

Nellie and Molly both nodded in agreement. Heimlich was right. But there was the smallest, slightest chance that he was going to be on that ship and if he was, I was going to get him. Not just me. But Heimlich, Molly, Nellie, and Charlie. WE were going to get him. All of us were going to bring him to justice.

"I think its a code. Everything he has, has been labled with the number '117'," I said, "If we're lucky, his room number is 117."

There was a silence that stunned them all. "We dont' have time to get clothes packed." Charlie said.

I looked up. "We're getting on that ship." I said. Everyone nodded. "Let's go," I said.

Everyone walked to the ship. The guard was standing there taking tickets. "Tickets?" he said as we walked up.

I pulled out my badge as well as everyone else.

He looked at us and rolled his eyes. Then he muttered something under his breath.

Heimlich walked up to the guard. "Look, we are after a high profile killer here...It would be a shame if you don't let us on to find him, and somebody else ends up getting killed."

The guard stepped aside and let us on. Something deep in my gut told me that Craig was on that ship to London. And we were going to catch him. Even if it took us to find him in London.


Oct-23-2009 13:54

"Going to London eh?" I murmered,as I observed "the gang".

I couldn't let go of this case. My friends were on stake. The most important thing in my life,besides "family". Friends...

I knew what I did to them. I betrayed them. But they didn't know why... They just didn't know.

"Vulkie,you getting to London?" Jake whispered. "Jake,you know I have to follow them. They could be in trouble,BIG trouble. I don't care what the FBI thinks about it,I'm going anyway!" I replied to Jake and he nodded.

Yes,that's right. I am "working with" the FBI. They also had some "interest" of getting rid of one of those "mob" members.

"Jake,tell to Hoover that I'm leaving,for investigation. I'm sure he understands.." I said and Jake nodded. "Will do so".

Just then,the gang entered the ship. "I've gotta go to London and arrive before they do!" I said and Jake already had a reply ready.

"There's a speedboat waiting for you to "escort" you to London. Good luck Vulkie.." Jake said and he gave a small kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks Jake,I'll need it... I do hope they won't shoot me on sight...' I said and left for the speedboat,which was waiting for me.


Waiting at the pier with a cigarette in my mouth,I saw the boat arrive that "kept" the gang on it. And there they descended from it. Heimlich first,then Marc,then Molly,then Charlie and Nellie as the last person. They already saw me and rushed towards me..

"Gosh" I murmered and I just stood there...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-23-2009 16:00


Molly waited until all the group was together, and then pulled out a cigarette. She studied their surroundings thoughtfully as she inhaled.

"A couple different things need to happen here," Molly said, looking to Marc for approval. He nodded and she continued, "I'm going to go see if I can get a hold of a passenger and crew list. Charles Craig is fond of using codes to communicate so if he's travelling under a false name, it might be a code or have some other clue to his identity. I think everyone should get their bearings. We NEED to have something solid on Craig BEFORE WE GET OFF THIS BOAT. A couple of you, or all of us should check out room 117. It's up to Marc and you guys how you want to split the tasks, put me wherever and update me when I return with the list."

Molly turned and strode off through the light crowd coalescing on the ships deck. She intended to ask the guard where she might obtain the list, when suddenly the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She whirled and searched the crowd with a practiced eye, and saw a man in a gray hat watching her with cold blue eyes. She started towards him, but a rush of people separated them and when she had fought her way through, he was long gone.

"That wasn't Craig." she said to herself uneasily, wondering who the man was and why he was watching her so closely. Shrugging it off, she flagged down the guard and finagled an extra copy of the list out of him with a few sweet words.

Hurrying back to the group, she kept her eyes trained on the paper as she felt someone's eyes on the back of her neck again. But when she whirled again suddenly, there was no one there.

"I've got it." she announced to the group. "What have you decided?"

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-23-2009 23:15

As if the boat ride to London wasn't long enough, being in London just wasn't really where I wanted to be. I was mad, tired, cranky, you name it. The whole ride to the city, we had only one clue.

It was a not from Charles Craig himself. We found it in his room 117 in suite A.

"Detective Marc Lacrimosa,
I must congratulate you and your friends on amost excellent game of cat-and-mouse. The past few weeks, you have gotten to my sister, my mother, my favorite bar, came close to catching, and even tracked me down to this outstanding ship! As you already know, I am heading to London. Not because I am guilty of murder, but because, I know this city like the back of my hand. Finding me will be another game of cat and mouse. But I must say, Marc, bravo to you. You, yourself, came within just feet of catching me, but alas! I have outsmarted you once again, here on this ship, leaving you with nothing but this letter. I hope to see you again in London.

Have fun!
Charles Craig."

I got angry. There was nothing we could do except to search a ship for a man we could not find.

Just twelve hours before we got to London, we split up on the ship. We all split up and went to search for clues alone, because it was safer. No body was dumb enough to fire shots on a ship full of civillians. Molly went to get a crew list, Heimlich had gone to search the bars, Charlie had gone to search the decks along with Nellie.

When we all met back up, we had nothing except the letter that I found in his room.

"What have you decided?" Molly asked me.

Frankly, I had nothing. I was clueless. But I said the only thing I could think of.
"We go to London," I said, "Craig is too proud to bring us here and then leave just as we get here. He's not into that...he is toying with us. All this is a game."

As we landed in London we got off the ship and waited for each other as we were pushed and shoved by the eager crowd to see this wonderful city. (cnt....)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-23-2009 23:23

When everyone had gotten off the ship, we met up at the loading ramp.

"Charles is here. We know that much," Heimlich said, "Marc, if you dont' mind me saying, I think we should stick together while we're here in this place-London's a big city and getting lost isn't something anyof us want to do. Especially in a place like this"

Heimlich was right. Sticking together was going to be the best idea.

I nodded in agreement with Heimlich. "No splitting up in here. We all stick together." I said

As we made our way onto the pier to get into the city, something caught my eye. I looked and there about two thousand feet away appeared to be someone who looked a lot like Vulkie. I stopped and looked.

As I reached into my pocket, I felt the license that I had taken from here. When I felt the plastic laminated license in my pocket, my blood began to boil. I began to realize just how angry I was at her. I let go of her detective's license. No way was she going to get this back. Not from me anyways.

We exited the pier and made our way into the big city. The search for Charles Craig in London, had begun.

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