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Disillusioned Detectives
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-6-2009 15:36

Things don't always go as you would want them to go. I looked at the dead body of 26 year old Carol Fisher. She had been mutilated by someone. Stabbed a total of seven times and then shot once in the head. The local police knew who the killer was. The problem was finding him. They had a name. They had proof. They had physical evidence that linked him to the crime and witness evidence. It was enough evidence to put him a way for life.

I was worned that he is a master of disguises. He can disapper with the blink-of-an-eye.

Detective Thomas McDonald looked at me when I was finished examining the body. "I heard about your reputation around here."

"What about it?" I asked

"If you can catch our killer, Charles Craig, I can promise a handsome reward." he replied.

I thought about it. Money. I needed money real bad. I was behind on rent for both my apartment and my office. Money is good.

"Fine. I'll take it," I said and I left back for my office. I reviewed the background and case file of Mr. Craig. This wasn't going to be easy, that was for sure. I decided to make a phone call to a few friends of mine to see if they would be interested in making some decent money in helping to find a killer who could blend in to even the smaller crowds.

It was dark and there was nothing I could do for the night. I'd have to start in the morning. So I went home for the night to get some sleep. The next morning, went to my office to make a call to a few friends to see if they'd be interested in making a few dollars in helping to find this killer.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-12-2009 13:51

Charlie and Vulkie left to pay Lucilla Craig a visit. I looked at Nellie and said, "Nellie, I want you to go down to City Hall's Hall of Records and get any information you can about Charles Craig. Any thing." Then I looked at Molly. "You and I will go into town and see what we can dig up about about him."

Nellie nodded and left. Molly and I left my office and took my Ford Model A into town. Our first stop was at his mother's house; Margaret Craig. Molly knocked on the door. There was no response. "Mrs. Craig," I called out, "It's the police. We have some questions for you about your son, Charles."

Still nothing. I looked around and there was no vehicle so maybe she wasn't home. As I looked at Molly, she took the words right out of my mouth and said "Let's come back later."

"Good idea." I replied. We left

***20 minutes later***

It was noon and we had a break in the case. After we left his mother's house we started talking to people in the street asking them if they knew him. It was risk I was willing to take but finally we got someone that knew him. His favorite place to eat was Sami's. SO that's where we went.

We walked into Sami's . As we walked in we saw him. Charles Craig himself rushing passed us. He pushed us out of his way running out of the restaurant. "CHARLES! FREEZE!" I yelled. Molly and I ran after him. He was fifteen feet in front of us. And there was the after noon crowd. I knew we'd lose him. He stopped and turned around giving us a sly grin on his face. We continued to run toward him. Ten feet away and the crowd surrounded him. We slowed to a walk, with Molly giving people a gentle push and I doing the same.

He was gone. I only hoped that Nellie, Charlie, and Vulkie had better luck.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-12-2009 14:48

Frowning in concentration, Molly studied their surroundings in thought.

"That's definitely him, Lacrimosa." Molly said with a decisive nod. "He seems to have opted for a less extravagant moustache for this segment...there's something I don't understand though."

Reaching into her pocket she methodically made notes on the case on the small notepad she carried around. She scrawled a few lines and then shut it with a snap.

"Here's what I don't understand." She said, turning to Lacrimosa. "Why is Charles Craig still in New York? The Tricky Mister, Sami's. All his old haunts basically. He's a wanted killer with his name and his victims name splashed on the front of every major newspaper in the city, and he's still HERE? I would be in Shanghai by now!"

She resumed her sharp pace, sweeping her hair behind her shoulders. Suddenly she smiled at Lacrimosa, as she lifted a hand to punctuate her words.

"Charles Craig is still here in New York for a reason. If we find out the reason, maybe we can apprehend him! He has to be in hiding, is there any word on his last known address?"

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-13-2009 21:28

There we were with nothing. It was time to start all over again.

We went back to his mother's house and she was home this time. When Molly introduced her self as a detective, she knew her son had killed someone. "Charles has always had a bad temper," She said, "even the smallest things would make him mad, which is why he killed that poor girl."

"Ma'am," I said, "Do you know where we could find him? I understand he is a master at disguises but he needs to be brought in."

Mrs. Craig let out a sigh. She didn't want to have her only son behind bars rotting for the rest of his life. But she didn't want to have a son who would kill again if given the chance.

"Since he is wanted in this part of Sleuthville," She said, "he will most likely go to another bar. One in particular that he is well known at is outside of Sleuthville and in the lower east side of Manhattan. I'm not familiar with the name, but I know it's there."

The lower east side....that's where I grew up and it's not a pretty place. That area is crawling with crime and future mob bosses. Yes, I was grew up there and might I say, my parents were happy when I joined the army instead of taking a life to crime. But it doesn't matter; that area is dangerous.

We thanked her and left. It was five minutes until 8:00 p.m. Molly and I got to the bar and walked inside. No sooner had we sat dow, Vulkie came through the door. She looked like she had been to hell and back and Charlie didn't look much better.

They sat down across from us. It was still a few minutes early. Nellie should be here any minute. I looked at my pocket watch. Ten minutes went by and she didn't show up. I knew Nellie could handle her self. I sent her to City Hall alone because that's where most reporters went to get research done for their papers.

I looed at Vulkie and Charlie. "We spoke with Craig's mother today. It seems he is well known in the lower east side of Manhattan," I said, (cont...)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-13-2009 21:35

"We'll have to go and check it out-"

I was cut short by Charlie. "That's kind of a dangerous place for detectives to be snooping around don't you think?"

Molly and Vulkie both nodded. I agreed. "Yes, it is dangerous. I do know that town like the back of my hand. I grew up there so I think I know which bar that his mother was talking about. Which is why we follow him out of the city quietly. Don't attract attention to your self when we go. We go in quietly and anonymously and we leave that way. He can't stay in the city for ever. He hasn't got any money. Which means he'll probably go begging to mommy for money." I said

We stayed quiet for a full minute trying to assess how we were going to do this.

"How did you two do today?" I asked.

Vulkie was about to reply when Nellie burst through the door.

"You guys aren't going to BELIEVE what I found about Charles Craig!" She said excitedly. I knew it was good news...It had to be.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-13-2009 23:32

Molly looked up as Nellie burst through the door, but as she was speaking Molly saw the unmistakable flash of a gun being raised just before the door closed.

Without pausing for thought, she abruptly yanked Nellie unceremoniously backwards so they both hit the floor, shouting "Everyone get down!" as she did so.

Mere seconds later, a stream of bullets shattered the window they had been sitting near and peppered the table they had all been sitting at. Molly looked over and saw that Charlie had yanked Vulkie under the table, and Marc had found his way under there as well.

In a few short seconds, the sound of firing stopped and they could all dimly hear running feet pounding away outside. Charlie and Marc ran outside, presumably to see if they could catch the culprit but they were unsuccessful.

At long last, Molly sat up, brushing the glass from her clothing and taking stock of a few lacerations she had sustained here and there.

"New York needs better gun control laws." she muttered to herself, and then looked around to make sure Vulkie and Nellie were alright. Charlie and Marc entered as well, empty-handed, and they all stood around for a moment, silently soaking in what had just happened.

"Either Nellie was followed, or Craig's mother told someone about our visit." Molly mused. "Someone sure doesn't want us to find out too much more about Craig."

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Oct-14-2009 21:41

" My money's on mommy dearest darling" Charlie said to Molly. Charlie looked over to Vulkie and asked " Are we having fun yet?"

" Ha you know I live for this stuff Charlie. We have been it alot tighter spots than this." Vulkie replied giving Charlie a sly smile and a wink.

All the detectives turned and looked at Marc in unison......

" So whats the plan Marc?" Vulkie asked in a not too shy manner
" I mean your the boss where do we go from here?" she asked.

" I want you and Charlie to check the western half of the lower eastside and Nellie and Molly I want you to take the norther eastside. I will take the southern eastside. " said Marc giving out his instructions.

" Stay sharp out there. Remember this guy is a expert at disguises. Lets meet over at Paulie's Pizza shop on 9th ave. at 8 pm." said Charlie.

Charlie walked outside and lit a cigarette taking a long slow drag then slowly exhaling. Vulkie walked out to the curb and noticed something.

As she bent over to pick it up Charlie asked " Hey Vulkie what you got there?'

" Charlie it's a...............................

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-14-2009 22:20

Molly exited the bar with Nellie at her side, nodding at Charlie and Vulkie as they passed and wondering what Vulkie was looking at.

"Perfect." Molly said matter-of-factly."Nellie, we're going to stop here for a moment." she said, gesturing to a small nondescript apartment building. "I've decided to pay Alexandre Santanelli a visit and I need to be in costume, as it were."

They climbed two flights of stairs and entered Molly's small but tidy apartment where she immediately disappeared into the back room as Nellie waited in the entrance. In record time, Molly reappeared dressed in a tasteful and obviously expensive suit, with her hair perfectly curled and styled. Her blue eyes sparkled mischeviously as she winked at Nellie.

"Now listen here, Nellie." she said, reclaiming her gun and coat as she locked up and descended the stairs. "When we're visiting Alex, you MUST remember to refer to me as Amelia. You cannot forget. And I know you're a reporter but you mustn't mention any of this in the article you write. It's very important. After we visit Alex, we'll continue on to the bar in the northeast side. I'm hoping Alex can give us some sort of information La Cosa Nostra might now but we'd otherwise be unable to find out."

Fairly soon they stood before another office building, which Molly entered and navigated with practised ease, Nellie following close behind. She led the way to a wooden door marked Alexandre Santanelli, and knocked twice. A male voice from within gave them permission to enter.

"Alex darling!" Molly called out, sauntering in the room to plant a kiss on his cheek. He was visibly surprised.

"Amelia! I thought you were...dead!"

Molly waved a hand. "Alex, you know the press exaggerate everything. Now listen darling, I can only stay for a moment, but I'm trying to track down a man...for my brother. He wants to do a business deal as it were. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find Charles Craig, would you?"

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-15-2009 07:54

Everyone was on there way into the lower east side. Vulkie and Charlie had the western half, Nellie and Molly had the northern side of that area while I went alone into the southern most side. That side I had chosen to go alone was the most dangerous. It was risky going in alone like that but it had to be done. There was an even number of us, and so there was no choice.

No matter how we paired up, one would still have to be alone. We took three cars into the city. I made it to the city in less than an hour. The streets were crowded with people of the lower class. Everyone seemed to have it worse on this side of the city with the depression going on.

I stepped out of my car at my first stop. The bar. It was called "Luigi's". This was the bar that his mother was talking about. It was the kind of bar that thugs would hang out in. I walked in side. The place was barely lit. It wasn't hard to pick out the mobsters in this particular bar. They were easy to spot because the drank all the heavy liquor. There in the farthest backest corner just like in every bar, was the creepy "shady character". No matter what bar you go in, there is one. They were always creepy too. I approached him an sat at his table.

"Now what would a dick like youse want with a guy like me?" He asked with a sly grin.
"I want some information about a murderer; he goes by the name of Charles Craig," I said.
Shady Smiled. "Youse got a lot of nerve walking in here, dick-"
I cut him short of his sentence. "Have you heard of him?"
"Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. Whats in it for me?" He said.
"A life time out of prison with out being charged as an accomplice to murder. For all I know you helped him." I snapped.

The smile disappeared from Shady's face. "Hows about you-"
"Hows about you shut up and give my information Shady, or I'll become your worst nightmare."
"Fine. Here's what I know. He's already been in here today. He comes in once a day. Grabbs a few drinks, then he leaves..(Cont)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-15-2009 08:08

"he also has a little apartment here too. Stays there when he's here doing work for Luciano." Shady said.

"Luciano?" I asked, "He personally knows Luciano?"

"You bet he does," Shady said. "Rumor has it, that he's Luciano's right hand man."

"Do you believe that?" I asked.
"No, I believe Mr. Meyer Lansky is," Shady replied, "They're always together."
"There you go." I replied. "Those rumors aren't real."

There was a silence between us.

"Is that all the info, Shady?" I asked.
"That's all I know, dick" He replied.
"Where is his appartment?" I asked.
"Out about two blocks from the Costello's Italian Diner. Just west of it. You can't miss the appartments. Last I heard, his room number is 409." Shady said.
I slid him a $20 bill. "Thanks".

As I walked out, there he was walking forty feet in front of me, was Mr. Craig himself. I followed him. I kept my eye on him. We walked through alley ways, through buildings, and I followed him right into a crowd of people. As I made my way someone accidentally bumped into me and I quickly lost sight of Craig but found him shortly afterward.

I approached him. I put my hand on his shoulder and spun him around. "Game's over Craig," I said. I spun him around to find it was the wrong person. "Who are you?" asked the man. "Sorry," I replied. "Wrong person." I walked way cursing to my self.

Craig must have known he was being followed and pulled a magic trick to disappear like that. I was mad once again, but I did know where his appartment was.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-15-2009 12:32

"Charles Craig, the murderer?" Alex Santanelli asked, his voice dubious.

Molly sat on the edge of his desk and smiled down at him. "Oh, my brother doesn't care about all that, he's dealt with far worse, let me tell you. I just wanted to know if you had a way to find him?"

"I could tell you the place he usually hangs out most days." Alex's voice was still dubious but Molly could see the obvious trust in his eyes. "I don't know that you should be seeking him out though, Amelia. He's dangerous."

Molly waved her hand. "Don't worry about it, I wont go alone."

Alex leaned back and thought. "Well, he hangs out in Luigi's bar most days in the south side. His brother Kevin however, might be able to tell you more if you track him down. I dont' know his address though."

Molly stood up and gave him another kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Alex, you've been a big help."

She gathered her things and ushered Nellie out the door before her, when Alex's voice stopped her.

"I'll ask around Amelia, I'll leave an envelope for you at the Tricky Mister if I find out anything you can use."

Molly winked at him. "Thanks, handsome."

And they left, Molly quietly pleased as they went on their way to scour the northeast side for any news of the murderer.

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