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Looking for a home :)
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Elizabeth Christie
Elizabeth Christie
Tireless Tiger

Oct-5-2009 21:50

Hi everyone! After discovering Noir a bit on my own, I'm ready to find a home in an agency. I want to find an agency that's a good fit for both me and the agency, so please don't be offended if I ask a few questions and don't join the first agency that PMs me.

What you can expect from me:
- I'll log in daily at least to check my sleuth mail, though I may not play everyday. Some days I don't get to play any, some days I'm wishing for more than 12 cases.
- I'll be a team player. I have a few contacts, but no PE contacts and I don't mind going for specific ones the agency needs.
- I'll be a part of the community. The more I'm here, the more I want to get to know the awesome people of Noir. :)
- I won't take anything from the agency without asking (it's sad that I have to say this but after reading the message boards I feel like it's necessary).

What I expect from an agency:
- A supportive, non-pressure environment. I enjoy Noir, but it's not my life. I want to be part of an active, but not hyper-competitive agency. I don't want this to start feeling like work.
- I'm interested in THs, but not daily, and I really want to do AVHs, but I think I need to get slightly more competent at those evil AI cases.

Please send me a PM if you think I'd be a good fit in your agency. Thanks!!

- Elizabeth


Elizabeth Christie
Elizabeth Christie
Tireless Tiger

Dec-31-2009 09:47

Odd to see mine post back at the top...still very happy in my home! :)

solsnake - Create your own post and say what you're looking for in an agency and what you could offer to an agency. There are lots of great ones around here!

Pinball Amateur

Dec-31-2009 23:15

Better yet, if you're gonna have your own Agency, might want to actually advertise the place ON YOUR OWN POST.

Thank you.


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