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Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Sep-29-2009 09:53

Yes, a chip off the old block as they say...Little Boots located in Cairo is now hiring...Formerly know as BOTSIE BOOTS P.I. we have moved our location and searching for a few new active players to join our family.

Just as BOOTS, we are a family oriented agency...we dont ask much just that you are active..Contacts, dont worry everyone is welcome here...

If you want to travel and become part of a growing agency, then Little Boots is the place to be...

Here we work as a family...we assist you in everyway possible and we leave no stones unturned in catching our villians...

So if you are looking to join a family, then PM Botsie Boots or Amira Diamond directly..

We look forward to welcoming you to our family.


Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Oct-8-2009 09:42


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