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Chock Noir promotion offer
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Sep-28-2009 06:01

As I do want activity and subscriptions to this site, I have decided to offer 2 x 1 month gift subscription to the first two non-subbed sleuths who want to consider subscription, and are able to come to an agreement with an agency for membership.
(No, Hunter's is not hiring)
So, if you want this offer you need to do the following.

1) Decide that you want to consider to try subscription, and have an idea that you will continue subscribing yourself after the gift period.
2) Get in contact with a director in an agency, who agree they would like to hire you.
3) Send me a PM informing me of your interest, and have the director you came into agreement with doing the same.
4) Give me the time needed to fulfill the economic transaction
5) Ask for and accept an invitation from the agency you came into agreement with.
6) Try being active, play and enjoy the game.

That's about it. The offer will be valid for the first two who "catch the bait". I will make a reply posting to this thread telling who have accepted the offer. That way it will be easy to determine when the offer is gone. :-)

Happy Sleuthing!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Oct-3-2009 05:26

Congrats to all three!!

Irene, it was a wonderful thing to do :-D

Con Artist

Oct-3-2009 10:06

Congrats to the new subscribers! May you all have a wonderful time here at sleuthville.

Thanks to Irene for her generosity. :)

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