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False Accusations
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Dec-5-2004 05:44

Hey everyone, I know there's already some posts on this topic, but I had a slightly different question than that being posed in that discussion.

I was wondering if the only way to guarantee you're accusing the right person is if you have both physical evidence and 2 pieces of evidence from witnesses linking the suspect to the murder?

Because I've falsely accused a few times when I have accused a suspect who had physical evidence and 1 piece of evidence from a witness linking them to the murder.

As you can imagine, this has gotten rather costly :S - as that shaddy character is growing to be a greedy bugger lol

And I've already lost poor PrincessJo (the original me lol) to 3 false accusations after completing nearly a 100 cases with her - but being unable to pay off the shady bugger, as his price gets higher and higher the more experience points I gain.

So, part 2 of my question is
(I have a feeling I'm rambling now and no one's gonna read this far down in my poor post lol) :

How do I pay off the Shady Character, if every time I solve a case, his asking price goes up greater than the amount I get paid for solving the murder?

The only thing I can think of, is if I join an Agency, and solve a big reward mystery, and get a big payout from that - I could pay the shady bugger off doing that? - Or will the amount of his asking price jump even higher if I solve a big reward mystery?

Alright - now I'm pretty sure I have lost anyone reading this post lol - but if anyone has any advice, this princess would greatly appreciate it - as she doesn't want to have to make a princessjo number 3 lol - and eventually she would like to put a lil crime solving money aside to buy some crime fightin gear.

Thanks a ton!



Dec-6-2004 09:55

Thanks a ton everyone for the posts - I didn't realize you could do the easier cases and still gain experience points :D , so I figure that'll keep me outta any further encounters with the shaddy bugger, lol, thanks again :)

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