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La cosa nostra, Brotherhood, order of socrates...

Choi Siwon
Choi Siwon

Aug-3-2009 22:17

I don't understand what the point is of getting on their good side.
What is the difference between them? and who's side is it most beneficial to get on?



Aug-3-2009 22:54

Well, each faction has something different to offer. Each will teach a unique skill, each has a shop with different items, each has a theme you can buy. With all of them, if you manage to claw your way to the top and have more rep with that faction then any other detective, you get something special (no telling allowed). Also, treasure hunts are opened at a specific faction, as long as you have enough rep with them.

For the shops, the prices go down if you have a certain amount of rep with that faction.

As for what they stand for (or represent), you can go read up about them at City Hall.

As for which is most beneficial to get on, that's purely personal choice. Most people eventually get on the good side of all, so they can get whatever is offered (skill, items, whatever).

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Aug-12-2009 13:54

Hmmm there are also rumors that specific Townies are connected to specific factions in a town and behave accordingly towards you when you ask them for a favor for example !

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