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Free for the taking.

Thomas Veil
Thomas Veil

Jul-25-2009 10:54

Hi there.Subscribed,loyal and active detective looking for a serious agency.



Jul-25-2009 11:12

As a director of the agency where mike07 is currently a member, I can only confirm all that he is telling to be true.

mike07 have been hard working all the time, and he is very actively playing. The reason we both agree that it will be good for mike07 to leave Haunted are that the agency is going to be dissolved when it's purpose (my contact hunting) is finished. Also, it will be good for him to come to an agency that are not Haunted, but where there are some more real people around.

To those of you who believe that he might be contaminated by me telling him everything, or giving him on a silver platter what he needs, I just want to to tell that this is not the case. I have only answered questions he have asked, and he have done all the work himself for all what he have achieved.
- including drawing his own map on paper of the caves in Shangri La...

So, please include him with open arms. He deserves it.

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