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The effect of difficulty rating

Uzziel von Trap
Uzziel von Trap

Jul-16-2009 01:42

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I can't seem to find any info on this: what is the effect on increasing difficulty level? I have found that witnesses clamp up on the first question, but what else happens when you move up from intermediate to hard an so forth?

Thank you!


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jul-16-2009 02:53

Mr. Von Trap:

The harder the case the more suspects you will have and, as you noted, the faster your suspects will clam up on you. This can be countered to some extent by buying better gear, but by the time you get to Ridiculously Hard, the cases are just . . . well . . . hard. :)

It also seems to me that on the easier level cases, most of your suspects will use a WE townie rather than a PE townie as their alibi.

Unless you belong to an agency, or you happen to have a case where your PE contact identifies the PE belonging to the killer, on the hardest level cases you will usually have to use a combination of PE and WE to solve a case.

Those are just my observations, I'm sure others who play the game more than I do will have more.

Old Shoe

Jul-16-2009 03:33

More suspects are present as well so more questions for townies.

More evidence, possibly? In an almost impossible case you'll always got 4 pieces of evidence but in lower cases there were sometimes 3. Right?

Uzziel von Trap
Uzziel von Trap

Jul-16-2009 03:45

Thank you for your assistance. I will adjust my approach accordingly.

Have a good day.

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