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The 5th Annual Shanghai Grand Horse race
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Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jul-6-2009 10:56

I walked into the commentator cabin anxiously-I was to commentate the fifth annual Grand Horse race...

Among the more posh guests, I saw the Prince of Shangri-La, Mayor Hollis of New York, Isabella Santanelli of the mob, Cleopatra Green of the London Green Hand and Lolita Martinez, a famous Order of Socrates philosopher.

As I looked at the horses, I saw some fellow detectives mount them.

I sighed.

I wished something would happen.

Little did I know that it would...


Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jul-26-2009 02:40

I suddenly saw another clue...

BreitKat's drinking glass! I slapped myself and carefully took it to the Botsie Boots P.I. field office. BreitKat, Vulkie and I were in this particular agency. Fingerprints were all over it. Mine. Secret Squirrel's. BreitKat's. The last one was...

Suddenly, a detective stumbled in - into the glass - and pushed it over, reducing it to microscopical fragments. "THAT WAS THE ONLY CLUE WHICH COULD HAVE SOLVED THIS CASE!!" I yelled at poor Valentina D'Angeli.



Jul-26-2009 06:18

Valentina came towards me. I was shocked to see her at the racetracks. She usually didn't come to these events. It was nothing for her. But she saw the fuss going on here and so I told her everything. "We got the La Cosa Nostra dons here for interrogation. They seem to be the most usuable suspects we have on the moment"

And so,Valentina interrogated Ms. Santinelli and I interrogated Marcel Santinelli.

"So,Mr. Santinelli,it seems you quite have a bit of a record" as I pulled his file for me. "Smuggling,racketeering,murder. My my my,Mr. Santinelli. You don't seem to be so clean on this. So why did you murder those jockeys?" I asked him.

"I didn't kill them! Someone is framing me for them. You've got to believe me!" he screamed,in a desperate try to save his own *ss.

"Well,you ran away from me. That's not so nice of you.... I don't like chasing crooks,always makes me exercise..." I replied and gave him a "sigh"-look.

"You stay here,I will see what I can dig up more. We will continue this conversation later." I replied and went back towards Valentina and asked her what she came up with...

Valentina D'Angeli
Valentina D'Angeli

Aug-2-2009 15:39

I was just about to answer Vulkie's question. I knew and liked Vulkie, and we had been on the same agency for a while.

But just as I had opened my mouth to start speaking, I heard something falling - or should I say crashing? - on the floor, and heard someone I had not been introduced to yelling at me.

'Oh, no', I thought to myself. 'I messed up. Again.'

So I handed Vulkie my notepad.

'Everything you can need by now is in here. Call me if there's anything else I can help you with. I'm gonna split before I mess up the case even more.'

With that and a quick kiss on my friend's cheek, I made my way off the scene.

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-3-2009 01:17

Then, I took a sidelong glance at my fingerprinting paper. I noticed a smudge that hadn't been there before. I analysed it...

It was a smudged mix of not one, not two, but THREE finger prints, which had absorbed in the paper when the glass fell on it.

1. Cleopatra Green!
2. Lolita Marinez (where did she get such an extremely silly name?)!
3. Valentina D'Angeli???

But in theory, her fingerprints would be on top, unless... Unless the glass had spun in the air! Hermy, our loyal officer, usually made sure the office table was clean. However, not this time. I strained my eyes and saw...


It made a trail to the interview room, to Ms. Santanelli's body, to a nearby Ming va-

I paused. I moved back, checked Ms. Santanelli's dying body, dialled for an ambulance, and went over to Vulkie3 to check the interrogation results.

Vulkie started...

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-3-2009 01:27

But before she spoke, I showed her the fifteenth name in the guest list:

'Donald Marcelle-Sant - Green Hand assassin'

"So we got the wrong guy?" she asked me

When we got to Marcelle-Sant's house, he was already dead. Some insider knew that we had found him out.

"Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted..." Vulkie said...


Aug-5-2009 08:12

"I have discovered nothing from Marcel Santinelli. He claims to be innocent. It seems that way,as he begged for his life. I told him he needed to stay there,while we found out what could've happened." I said to Sir William.

"I'm going to pay a visit to Cleopatra Green,you are going to pay a small visit towards Lolita Marinez. I'm sure she would be willing to talk." I said to Sir William

And so we departed.

***********Cleopatra Green's House************

As I drove up towards her mansion in Shanghai,I saw the guards looking at me. "Whatcha staring at boys,I'm just visiting miss Green. It's a business appointment" I said to the guards and walked towards the entrance.

The butler opened the door and led me to a nervous Miss Green,who was already having her third sherry.

"Come in Detective,come in. Please. I'm a bit in a terrible state now. I do hope I can help you with something." Miss Green said towards me.

"Well,there is a matter of Marcelle-Sant. You see Miss Green,he works for you,right?" I asked. "Right" Miss Green replied.

"Well,we suspect he killed one of the jockeys. Seems he's dead,as we were about to interrogate him. So he couldn't have done it. And it seems somebody knew we would go to his place..." I said.

"I can't be of any assistance about that detective. I suggest you leave now. If you ever set one foot more here,you will be shot." Miss Green threathened.

"Don't forget that I served the Green Hand Miss Green. I know it's secrets and so does a friend of mine. Don't you dare threaten me into not coming here again. Because I will be back,be assured of that!" I yelled and angrily left the premises.

As I made my way back towards the racetrack,I saw Sir William just walking towards the entrance.

I pulled up the entrance,stepped out and yelled towards Sir William : "Found anything out yet?"

And so,he started to talk....

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-5-2009 10:53

"Lolita M seems to have... how do I put this, have invented this gadget, which is a glove with her fingerprints embroidered in it with fooling accuracy." I gravely mumbled "Mass manufacture was started by the Eastern Triads ten days ago."

"Oh. So far, only the Dies Arcanum's and the Circle's goons are still fr- Wait." Vulkie took out a guest list "Name 17, Kamille Krupp."

"What!? Ignatius Krupp's Mother, Matthias Krupp's wife?" I exclaimed "BreitKat's murder attempt is... BREITKat! You see if Dies Arcanum Krupp has anything interesting, I'll visit Madame Breit. Oh, and I'll talk to Hollis. Don't forget, butter up to Krupp, and get a copy of Lolita-type gloves, with some friendship towards the Eastern Bunnies."

***************Breit told me*****************************
"No, BreitKat's name is just a coincidence. Don't worry."

**************Hollis explained***************************
"No, I came alone, only to watch the race with Governor Tse-Hu. I didn't bring anyone because Tse-Hu had a lot of men here already."

**************Lin Tse-Hu confesses all********************
"No, I discharged all men to help the Eastern Triads make weird gloves. We are planning a short truce with them."

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-7-2009 07:11

The Eastern triads had made 57 gloves so far, before Vulkie stopped production. We bought 47, and they had torn 6 others. Maths makes it 57-47=10-6=4. Lolita M. had bought 2, leaving 2 others. One had been sold to Mrs. Krupp, and one to Donald Marcelle-Sant. It wasn't in his apartment, so I asked Vulkie for her suspicions, AS WELL AS Valentina's notebook page...

Sir William's Notes:
1. Marcelle-Sant was presumably the one responsible for the murders and attempts. He had been killed by whoever he was working for because he knew too much.

2. Why the sudden truce between Easter Bunnies and the Order?

3. What was the connection between the four victims, BreitKat, crunchpatty, a spectator, and Isabella Santanelli?

4. Valentina had questioned Ms Santanelli. What did she find out that made her quit the case?

5. Why was the murderer murdering everyone?

6. Why is the Green Hand in the spotlight? I will have to further question them.

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-9-2009 13:24

I noticed a letter on the table. Apparently, Vulkie had been called off to London because of urgent business. She had left the notebooks, so now I could see what had made Valentina and Vulkie quit the case.


I was alone. I put up an ad in the paper for help.

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-10-2009 10:33

Luckily, Vulkie had left another note, saying that Joey "Bulldog" Bane might be able to help.

----------------------------------Vulkie's notes-----------Valentina's notes at the end----------------------------

Victims: BreitKat, crunchpatty and Thomas Marcelle-Sant. (?). AND Isabella Santanelli.
Possible murderers: A jockey. Marcel Santanelli. XIsabellaXSantanelliX. XDonaldXMarcelle-SantX

Note: I quit. Val has uncovered something SO disgusting, I am OFF this SICK case. I covered up all the sicker parts like so: *****'* **** ****? It ***** for some, ********** *** ***!

Valentina's notes:
Isabella: I confess. The Green Hand have sent a certain ******** Robert Marcelle-Sant who ***** *** AND ***** after he ***** ****. Then he **** their ********, and cuts off their hair, so that when ******* ***** ** **** *** ***** ******, they fail.
Valentina: Urgh!
IS: Oh be quiet.

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