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The 5th Annual Shanghai Grand Horse race
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Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jul-6-2009 10:56

I walked into the commentator cabin anxiously-I was to commentate the fifth annual Grand Horse race...

Among the more posh guests, I saw the Prince of Shangri-La, Mayor Hollis of New York, Isabella Santanelli of the mob, Cleopatra Green of the London Green Hand and Lolita Martinez, a famous Order of Socrates philosopher.

As I looked at the horses, I saw some fellow detectives mount them.

I sighed.

I wished something would happen.

Little did I know that it would...


Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jul-19-2009 13:25

He was innocent as far as I could see but he was still slightly suspicious.


Jul-19-2009 14:33

Ah,Shanghai. City of the beautiful boats. As I walked along the safe port, I went to the racetracks. I felt lucky,making a small bet on Three legged tom to end up in the top 3. I knew he would win. Thanks to my old pal shady,who gave me a tip.

Instead,I heard people scream just as I got my ticket " Damn people,I just put my cash on the damn horse. Can't you be a bit quiet about winning?" I thought.

Sir William rushed towards Mayor Hollis and I just followed him. Lying on the floor was on of the jockeys. He was badly hurt,stabbed by a person who had fled the scene immediately.

"Sleuth police,nobody move. This is an official crimescene from now on. I need everyone's name and check their belongings." I replied. I flashed my badge.

"Vulkie3,glad you could make it" Mayor Hollis said and shook my hand. I looked disgusted in his way. Mayor Hollis would do everything for a little bit of fame,everything. "I will do anything for you,if you just solve this murder. Please" he replied.

"Spare me the suck-up Mayor Hollis. It's just my job. Although I have no jurisdiction here,I believe the person comes from NY. Since I already saw the guest list,most of the people came out of NY. And most of them were of your "faction" " I replied.

And so,Sir William and I searched the crimescene...

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jul-20-2009 13:31

I turned to Vulkie.

"Two murders in one day!" I exclaimed "So glad you arrived. And please don't insult Hollis. I am in the Order myself after all. I long to finally leave though, so wait until later if you wish to mock him."
"Sorry, being in the Brotherhood leaves a hate for other factions; I didn't mean it..." she mumbled "Sorry."

A third body was found. Crunchpatty was beaten severely. I looked the scene over and saw a small ring engraved with the words:
Don Marcel-Sant


Jul-20-2009 21:03

"Santinelli's man,Marcel?" I replied to the words. "It could be possible,or a set-up" I replied. I also looked a bit annoyed about the "Hating the other factions"- reply. It had nothing to do with it. Mayor Hollis just needed some attention..

As I examined the crimescene for the second victim,I found a bloodied curved knife. Just the one that was used to kill animals ritually. "Serves him right" Ms. Santinelli said. "He was an animal" she replied to my comment of the knife.

"Ms. Santinelli,you and your man have to come with Sir William and me for a small interrogation."

She reluctantly went with us,but her man Marcel gave us the slip. "Hold,Sleuth Police" I replied and chased after Marcel.

"William,take care of Ms. Santinelli while I take care of this scumbag" I replied,not knowing that Ms. Santinelli send a man after me.

I chased Marcel,down the stairs and out on the streets of Shanghai. Just as he was getting in a rikshaw,the goon came out of the racetrack who Ms. Santinelli ordered to "follow me".

I jumped also in a rikshaw,paid the lad 20 pounds to follow the other rikshaw with Marcel in it and so we went,leaving the goon at the racetrack.

As we were peddling through the busy trafic in Shanghai,we went to the local harbour.

I saw a boat,called the "Santinelli Expresse". Marcel jumped on it,ordered the captain to start the engines and sail away to London.

As I jumped out of my rikshaw,shots were immediately fired at me. I took cover behind some wooden boxes. I heard the boat starting and sailing away. I carefully aimed,but came to the conclusion that it already was too far away.

"Damn you Marcel,I'll get you,whatever it takes" I shouted to him.

"Hahaha,you'll never get me" he replied and he took a sip of his drink as he watched me,while the boat was sailing away.

I looked around and around and there it was : My way of stopping him. The bridge!

I ran to the bridge,and carefully aimed.....


Jul-20-2009 21:06

"Pang" my gun said and the bullet hit the captain in the arm,which made the boat unsteerable. It crashed into the wooden poles which were used to store small boats. I saw the boat,exploding and Marcel jumping off it,in the water.

As I fished Marcel Santinelli out of the water,I made a funny comment: "Lovely day to take a relaxing swim,eh?". I laughed in my head about it and grinned to him.

"You don't know who you are f*cking with" he replied and spit some water out of his mouth.

I tied his hands with some rope and hauled a rikshaw. And so,we went back to the racetrack...

Valentina D'Angeli
Valentina D'Angeli

Jul-21-2009 19:09

Late, as usual... Why did I always have to be late to places? Apparently, I had gotten to the races too late to place my bet. And, also apparently, there was some kind of a fuss going on. I wanted to know what was going on, but some guy I had never seen in my life stopped me.

I didn't like the whole badge-flashing thing, but it was the only way. I flashed the badge quickly and gained access to the place.

I was trying to figure out where to start, when I saw Vulkie. Well, there was a good start. I went up to Vulkie and tapped her arm.

"Hey, kiddo. What's the fuss?", I asked, and waited for an answer.

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jul-26-2009 02:40

I suddenly saw another clue...

BreitKat's drinking glass! I slapped myself and carefully took it to the Botsie Boots P.I. field office. BreitKat, Vulkie and I were in this particular agency. Fingerprints were all over it. Mine. Secret Squirrel's. BreitKat's. The last one was...

Suddenly, a detective stumbled in - into the glass - and pushed it over, reducing it to microscopical fragments. "THAT WAS THE ONLY CLUE WHICH COULD HAVE SOLVED THIS CASE!!" I yelled at poor Valentina D'Angeli.



Jul-26-2009 06:18

Valentina came towards me. I was shocked to see her at the racetracks. She usually didn't come to these events. It was nothing for her. But she saw the fuss going on here and so I told her everything. "We got the La Cosa Nostra dons here for interrogation. They seem to be the most usuable suspects we have on the moment"

And so,Valentina interrogated Ms. Santinelli and I interrogated Marcel Santinelli.

"So,Mr. Santinelli,it seems you quite have a bit of a record" as I pulled his file for me. "Smuggling,racketeering,murder. My my my,Mr. Santinelli. You don't seem to be so clean on this. So why did you murder those jockeys?" I asked him.

"I didn't kill them! Someone is framing me for them. You've got to believe me!" he screamed,in a desperate try to save his own *ss.

"Well,you ran away from me. That's not so nice of you.... I don't like chasing crooks,always makes me exercise..." I replied and gave him a "sigh"-look.

"You stay here,I will see what I can dig up more. We will continue this conversation later." I replied and went back towards Valentina and asked her what she came up with...

Valentina D'Angeli
Valentina D'Angeli

Aug-2-2009 15:39

I was just about to answer Vulkie's question. I knew and liked Vulkie, and we had been on the same agency for a while.

But just as I had opened my mouth to start speaking, I heard something falling - or should I say crashing? - on the floor, and heard someone I had not been introduced to yelling at me.

'Oh, no', I thought to myself. 'I messed up. Again.'

So I handed Vulkie my notepad.

'Everything you can need by now is in here. Call me if there's anything else I can help you with. I'm gonna split before I mess up the case even more.'

With that and a quick kiss on my friend's cheek, I made my way off the scene.

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Aug-3-2009 01:17

Then, I took a sidelong glance at my fingerprinting paper. I noticed a smudge that hadn't been there before. I analysed it...

It was a smudged mix of not one, not two, but THREE finger prints, which had absorbed in the paper when the glass fell on it.

1. Cleopatra Green!
2. Lolita Marinez (where did she get such an extremely silly name?)!
3. Valentina D'Angeli???

But in theory, her fingerprints would be on top, unless... Unless the glass had spun in the air! Hermy, our loyal officer, usually made sure the office table was clean. However, not this time. I strained my eyes and saw...


It made a trail to the interview room, to Ms. Santanelli's body, to a nearby Ming va-

I paused. I moved back, checked Ms. Santanelli's dying body, dialled for an ambulance, and went over to Vulkie3 to check the interrogation results.

Vulkie started...

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