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Feature: Having your messages deleted without asking
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Jun-12-2009 07:57

If you happen to be the owner of more than one detective, be careful...
You may be with one of your detectives, and at the moment this one only had just recieved messages about solved cases. You press the Delete All messages button, and answer yes to do so.

You continue working with that detective, but does nothing more with messages. Later on, you switch to one of your other detectives.

With joy you see that you have recieved one or more messages, and you click on the Sleuth Mail icon, which is blinking. DON'T DO IT!!!

- as the Sleuth Mail will refresh the Sleuth Mail window you had open, and repeat what you did last time, delete all the messages in your mail.

And, now Ben, as I think I have spotted just what happens, as well as seem to be able to repeat the sequence that leads to great disappointment, I would be very happy if you would care to look into it, and avoid this happening again?



Jun-12-2009 09:01

^^ sorry I pressed the wrong key. It should be :( and not :).

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