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CONTEST: 50 Words or Less III
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Jun-8-2009 21:24

It's just about that time, again.

The Idea: Using a given opening line, you must write a story that uses 50 words or less. The opening line does not count toward your word total.

The Rules:

* I will give a total of 5 opening lines. You may choose whichever line(s) you wish to use. Remember, the opening line does not count toward your 50 word limit.

* There are two ways to enter: (A) single paragraph stories and (B) extended stories. You may either enter (A) or (B). The only way to enter both is to use only three or four starting lines for the extended story entry, and use the remaining one or two for the single paragraph stories.

* To enter (A): You may write an entry for as many of the opening lines as you like, but only 1 story for each line. So, your maximum number of entries is 5. If you only like 3 of the opening lines, then write 3 stories. However, the stories should not be related.

* To enter (B): Again, you may use as many of the opening lines as you like, but only once each. They should all be submitted as one entry, creating an overall story, although each separate paragraph with opening line should be able to stand alone as its own story.

* Your story or stories must make sense. It/they also should be mystery-related, or be mysterious with a really interesting twist.

* Spelling and grammar DO count. Spellcheck: Live it, Love it, USE IT! Please.

*All entries must be posted no later than 11:59 PM server time on June 24,2009.

Prizes: If Unsubscribed: A three-month subscription and $50,000 Sleuth Dollars
If Subscribed: $100,000 Sleuth Dollars

Your opening lines:

1. Isobel was as haughty as a dame can get.

2. This was no weather for such a little lady to be exposed to.

3. "Shut it," he snarled, "or I'll shut it for you."

4. Nobody understood the rules, not as Big Al set them forth.

5. The window was covered with prints; how could it not be?



Jun-27-2009 12:49

No worries Meredith, I'm on Shady's good side - at the moment, anyway - and I'd like to stay that way as long as possible. I'd rather steer clear of any Shady secrets, you know what I mean? :-D

Safety Officer

Jun-27-2009 19:16

lol ok so I was gonna enter but :) I seemed to have missed the deadline by biggest oops yet :D grats to the winners.


Jun-28-2009 10:14

SS, you know we always love to see your entries, whether or not they make the deadline. I was kinda wondering if you'd be able to fit 'pickles' and 'stampede' into this one, too. :)

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jul-8-2009 10:55

Yay Joseph! Yay Meredith! Yay Joseph! Yay Meredith! Yay Joseph! Yay Etcetera!

:-) Can't wait for IV! Thanks Annnikaa!! :-)

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