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Dec-2-2004 00:13

I have two suspects available and one doesn't have to option to give me more and the one that does has already clammed up... I am screwed?


Dr. Falco Maltese
Dr. Falco Maltese

Dec-2-2004 00:18

Pretty much, yes. I like how you put it so succinctly and clearly. : )

Quit that one.

Always ask for others with motives first until your suspect list is complete.

If you are getting too many clams in cases like this before you can get an answer to even that first question, the level you are playing might be too hard for your character.

Good luck!


Dec-2-2004 00:19

This is the first time it has happened. I even have some tips that a person might know who did it but I don't have them on my list. :P

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