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Number of Experience Points Required to Unlock the Difficult Cases?
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Jun-1-2009 18:15

I was wondering how many experience points are required to unlock each difficulty of case. Also, is there a list of how many experience points are gained by solving each difficulty of case?


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jun-2-2009 04:43

I don't remember how many exp. pts unlocks which level of difficulty cases either but these are the exp. pts gained for each level of cases.

Beginner: 10 exp. pts
Easy: 20 exp. pts
Intermediate: 40 exp. pts
Hard: 80 exp. pts
Really Hard: 160 exp.pts
Really Really Hard: 320 exp. pts
Incredibly Hard: 640 exp.ts
Stupendously Hard: 1280 exp. pts
Ridiculously Hard: 2560 exp. pts
Almost Impossible: 5120 exp. pts


Jun-2-2009 14:52

Thank you very much for the answers

Little Helper
Little Helper

Jun-2-2009 17:59

If you mouse over the difficulty levels you have not yet reached, you will see how many experience points you need to open them.

The limits are - if I remember correctly:
Easy: 0
Intermediate: 100
- but if you do a favor after 4 easy cases, it will be intermediate.
Hard: 200
Really Hard: 1 000
Really Really Hard: 2 000
Incredibly Hard: 4 000
Stupendously Hard: 10 000
Ridicously Hard: 20 000
Almost Impossible: 100 000

Roland Moonstar
Roland Moonstar

Feb-22-2010 17:13

I was just going to ask this. I'm glad I bothered to read some back issues worth of questions.

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