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New Agency in Town!

Lady Latina
Lady Latina

May-28-2009 10:14

I have being inspired to create my own agency and its website!


Please check it out to see what you think about it!

I tried to make it as professional looking as possible!!!
yeah… sometimes I enjoy being a virtual sleuth detective a little too much! :-)

I even created my own logo!

I did not post any reveling information about the many top-secret resources and activities, since this is just an informative Agency’s website.

Here is the address: (or you may go to the Visit Agency on the agency’s info page)


Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-5-2009 22:48

Your website does indeed look very professional, im not sure if most agencies use a logo, so its a new idea, very refreshing.
Good luck on the new agency!

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