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A Quiz Just for Newbies
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Pinball Amateur

May-13-2009 17:02

That's right. You heard it here first. If you're under about, ohhh, 60 days experience, you're eligible for this quiz. So Good Luck!! Remember, Googling's NOT Allowed (and not much use for this quiz anyways ;-). You should be able to find all the info for this right here in the Newbie Board (or if not, easily in City Hall).

What's the prize? Good question! It's a secret. (I'll let you know when we have a winner. So Ssshhhhh!! ;-)

Quiz ends Turnover of 05/21/2009. Thank you!!

Here we go!!

1. What are the 3 formulas for solving a case?

2. What are the 3 New York factions?

3. Where are they located? (Buildings, please.)

4. What are the top Sleuth heads of each faction called? (Hint: 3 answers here.)

5. What does P/E stand for? W/E?

6. What are the four main contacts you can choose from in one city? (Hint: The other kind has 6.)

7. How does one go about getting a contact?

8. How much is a subscription to Sleuth: Noir for one month?

9. What's the 'extra' skill that Tough detectives can get?

10. Where can they get it? What's the catch?

11. When does a detective graduate to Almost Impossible case territory? What's so special about this?

12. What's the difference between a Random Mystery and a Scripted Mystery/Featured Mystery?

A. How long has Sleuth: Noir been around? (1 pt. for the year; +1 more for the month too).

B. What're the OTHER 3 regular city factions? Where (buildings & cities) are they located?

C. Who's the head of this whole site?

D. Who's his partner in crime?

E. Name one thing you'd like to see changed/different in Sleuth. (NOTE: This does NOT mean complain, gripe, grouse, argue, or what have you. It's simply a request for suggestions. Thank you.)

Remember, Newbies 60 days or younger, please!! Quiz ends Turnover of 05/21/2009. Thank you!!

GOOD LUCK!! ;-D ;-D ;-D


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Mar-1-2012 22:45

Thanks for copying and pasting the previous person's answer from a few years ago...

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