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Kasg52's Account

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Apr-13-2009 18:27

I just want to make a quick statement explaining some events involving Kas' account that some of you may have noticed over the past day.

My intention here isn't to open up a discussion on the matter, but I realize that how we decide to treat that account is potentially a touchy subject. Just keep in mind that everybody wants to do what they feel is right to commemorate a lost friend.

Since her passing, friends and agency mates have continued to make use of Kas's account, and even purchased extensions to her subscription. Over the past month or so, I've had a few people request that I turn the account into a form of memorial and to make it inactive as well. This seemed reasonable to me, and my understanding was that the Sleuth community at large agreed with that position. I admit I hadn't spent a lot of time figuring out what the recent history of the account was.

Today I changed the password and the email address of that account and extended the subscription indefinitely.

No sooner had I done that, when I received requests from the Hunter's Academy that access to the account be reopened. On consideration of their requests, I have agreed to re-open the account for access.

To reiterate here, I'm not opening this issue up for a vote. The account will remain active, and those members of the Hunter's Academy who have maintained the account will continue to have access to it.

If you disagree with this decision, please do so respectfully.

In my family, we've occasionally had ugly arguments about how a loved one who has passed away should best be remembered. Some people prefer very traditional religious ceremonies and memorials, while others feel that those rituals should more closely reflect the actual spiritual views of the lost family member. We do our best and move on, knowing that if we didn't love each other enough to fight about these things, we wouldn't really be family.

That's it for me today. Sleuth out.


Old Shoe

Apr-15-2009 04:24

A brief, and hopefully last word on this matter.

Firstly, I am deeply ashamed of this community, that no-one thought of discussing this matter with me. Kas was my best friend in this game and was the back-bone of my agency. The first I heard of any misgivings was when Kas was switched off. This is back-stabbing and nasty behaviour.

You are also responsible of putting Ben in a very difficult position.

I must apologise if anyone feels I have been insensitive - it was not my intention and it had, I must admit, not even crossed my mind. I felt that Kathi would have wanted it this way and it keeps her memory with us every day. If she left Hunters that memory would be diminished.

Once I was made aware of peoples' misgivings it did occur to me that here was a moral dilemma. To let her 'rest' or to keep her memory alive. I felt the only people who had a right to decide this issue would be her family, and so I asked Kathi's sister what I should do. Here is her reply:

'As to letting her character live on in Sleuth . . . When I first read your message I went along with that letting her agent (what’s his/her name / just curious - ?) live on was something that Kathi would have wanted. Then I got to the controversy . . . Thought about it for a bit â€" then came to the conclusion that I still felt that Kathi would have been happy to have you keep her character going . . . So, go for it - !'

I am happy to forward this e-mail to anyone who would like the confirmation.

As a compromise, and realising that this issue is important to some people within this community, we shall see out her current subscription and then lay her to 'rest'.

I hope that this will satisfy anyone concerned, but urge you to discuss things relating to myself and Hunters with me directly in future. That would be the decent thing to do.

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