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DPI 16 Detective Villian Hunt Tournament
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Sleuth About Town

Mar-22-2009 11:47

Round 2 Predictions:

My prediction for the secound round is pain! (Vague Movie Reference that I'm Sure Ctown knows)

Aknas v Ctown-Winner is...Aknas. This woman has luck attached to her! This one is basically a pick 'em but I have to go with her.

Topkebab v Miss Snopes-Winner is... Topper. Got to go with my agency mate here. She's crafty and a born villian hunter ;)

Riza v La Sorella-Winner is...Riza. As much as it pains me to say because I know she is going to do that awful victory dance again ;) She literally has two left feet and both of them are webbed :)

Poirot's Protege v Kopper-Winner do you really think I could go with anyone other than myself ;) I'll see you at the finish line PP ...I'll be holding some water up for you so you can rinse out that dust you'll be eating after I smoke you like a Christmas Ham :)


Lucky Stiff

Apr-22-2009 21:28

Well done Riza, I'm glad someone finally brought ctown down to earth with a big BANG! ;)

Old Shoe

Apr-23-2009 06:45

Congrats, Riza! Great job! :D

Maybe I'll be able to join in on the next one!

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