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The Young Victoria Joseph Bane
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-13-2009 04:11

To know what happened previously in this story please review the following thread.

The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr:


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 15:57

Bane reached the shore unseen and hid the boat. He stealthily approached the shack, noticing Anna was up in the front and McCabe with Victoria inside. Michael was making rounds in the middle of the room eyeing the little girl from time to time with a bad look. There was a table in the middle with a large hatchet stuck in it.

Looking around Joey noticed that the cop car did not arrive. The bay seemed very well positioned and could not actually be reached by any kind of land transportation.

Bane waited till McCabe decided to step out of the room, then made his way inside through a small window. He put a finger on his mouth as Victoria noticed him, then went to her and quickly untied the ropes that were holding her hostage.

Just as he was about to aim back to the window, McCabe stepped in the room.

“What the…? YOU BASTARD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!” He stepped towards the two pulling the hatchet from the table on his way.

Bane quickly pushed Victoria behind him. In the next second McCabe was all over. He jumped on Joey like a wild beast, throwing him back onto the wall. Bane hit his head hard on some boards and fell on the floor half unconscious.

McCabe grabbed fast the little girl and raised his hand to strike her.

“I’ll show you now what double crossing leads to…”

Just as his hand seemed to be dropping, a shot was heard.

McCabe just stopped with his hand in the air. He staggered a bit on his feet and then he felt. Bane raised his eyes to see the shooter.


She was still holding up the gun.

“You were right, Bane” she said. “He wasn’t gonna let me go.”

Joey stood up, picked up the hatchet and humped on McCabe’s chest. He was still breathing slow.

“Alright, McCabe…it’s my turn now.” Joey’s eyes posed an animal’s look now.

He raised his hand and dropped the hatched straight in the middle of Mike’s skull. He pulled it out then and hit again…and again…and again…

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 15:58

When he finally stopped, Michael McCabe did not actually have a head any more. Bane’s face was full of blood, yet it could not cover the expression of satisfaction imprinted in his eyes.

He then looked up at Anna.

“What now” he asked. “You’re gonna shoot me too?”

After the scene that she just witnessed, the woman was astonished. She didn’t feel like dropping down the gun. Just as she was considering her options, a growling sound came from her behind.


“Pierre?” exclaimed Bane. “How the hell…?”

The dog jumped straight at Anna’s hand, making her drop the pistol. She started to crawl back under Pierre’s threatening eyes and growling.

“Hey, Bane…call off you hound. I…have a business proposition.”

“Let’s hear it then” said him, making a short sign to the dog to stop. Pierre assumed thus a sitting position, but kept his eyes onto the woman.

“I know where Mike has stashed his money…all that he earned in the last years. It’s a big pile of cash, Bane. I also have all his old contacts. We could do real business now.”

“I’m not sure that I want to do business with you, woman.”

“I’m not talking about what we did today. By the way…did it work? You got the cash?”

“No dough, gal. They were the police.”

“So…where are they now, Bane?”

“Oh hell…they’re on their way!” He realized that he forgot about the cops following him.

“You got no option, Bane. If they come here and they find us, well both end up behind bars. Listen to me, let’s go. I know a safe way out of here.”

Bane had now to agree with her. There was no way the cops would ever end up believing his story. He thus decided to play this her way.

In a few minutes they were out. They picked the small boat that he came on and sailed through a thin hidden cave. It took the more than a couple of hours to reach the exit, but in the end they lost their tracks into the morning midst.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 16:38

*1 year later - Shanghai Race Track - VIP lounge*

A man was watching the race through the large windows of the lounge, holding a large cigar in one hand and a small shot of whiskey in the other. He was wearing an elegant dark suit, classy shoes and a white hat on the latest fashion. His polished nails and expensive perfume showed that he was a man for whom money was not a problem.

His face looked though as if he has been through a lot, as it was full of scars all over. He had a cunning smile though.

As the race ended and the board notified the winner, he posed a smile of satisfaction, raised up his glass and took a sip.

“Daddyyyy!” a crystalline sound came from behind.

He turned around facing a small girl, looking to be the age of 3. She was a small doll in a purple dress. She jumped straight in his arms and hugged him.

“Did Whiskey win, dad? Did he win?”

“Yeah, kid. He won. As usual” he answered.

The kid jumped down and hurried to the window, gluing her nose on the glass. She turned her head for just a second towards the woman that had come with her.

“Did you hear, Aunt Anna? Did you hear? We won! My horsey won again!” She giggled and turned back towards the window.

The woman came to the man’s side as he was looking at her daughter with the most genuine love of a father in his eyes.

“I don’t know what was in your head, Bane…buying her a horse.”

“Well…I like to see her smiling.” He waved at the little girl.

“A bit of an expensive smile that is. People are starting to look at you with suspicion.”

“So…let them suspect. What do I care?”

“Be reasonable, Bane. The only legit business you own is that detective agency. Everyone knows they haven’t ever taken any case.”

“Well…they were busy with my case.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-25-2009 16:39

“I think you found all you could about your past, Bane. It’s time to think now of the present. The shipments are running good, but you do need to do something about your image. You keep this up and you’ll have the cops on your head at the moment you least expect them.”

“Alright, woman. Stop bugging me. I get the agency to run, ok?”

Just as he said that, the little girl turned and spoke.

“Now that’s a hell of a good horse!” She giggled after that and hid her face into her hands.

Bane smiled, then said in a serious voice.

“Victoria, that is no proper way for a young lady as yourself to speak. Now why am I paying all those private English tutors?”

“For this” the little girl answered. She made a spin and ended in a bow, holding the sides of her dress in her hands: “My name is Victoria Joseph Bane. How do you do.”

She chucked after doing that and jumped back up into his arms. They all laughed and then headed for the door.

Just as they were about to exit, Bane noticed someone at the bar: a woman in a purple dress. He slowly put his daughter down and made a sign towards ‘Aunt Anna’ to go a bit ahead.

He then approached the woman at the bar and placed his hand onto her shoulder.


The woman turned a startled face at him.

“Oh, I am sorry, Miss” said him as he took his hand back. “It seems I have mistaken you for someone else. Good day to you!”

He tipped his hat and walked away, mumbling something for himself:

“I wonder if I’ll ever get to meet this woman…”

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Mar-27-2009 00:15

A year after Gregory's death, Zeo found himself on the strange streets of Shanghai. He was hired by a very rich Baron to look for his lost lover, a dance hall girl named Suzy Wong. Armed with only a photo and an amulet she had given to his client years ago, Zeo doubted that he could locate her, but the Baron was generous.

"Even if you cannot find Suzy, I will still pay you for the leg work." The baron had handed a hefty advance payment to Zeo, and promised a sizable bonus if he did find the lady. "She used to work in the Dai-Sze-Jei Dance Hall. Anyone there would recognize her."

Dai-Sze-Jei Dance Hall was supposed to be quite famous in Shanghai, so when Zeo found himself lost after receiving confusing instructions from the concierge, he really didn't know what to do.

"Daddy promised me that I can ride Whiskey when I'm tall enough!" A little girl of about three years of age in a beautiful purple dress yelled in perfect English as she came out of what looked like the racetrack entrance. A lady with a wise but hard face was holding her little hand.

That doll of kid reminded him of the daughter he made Clift Garrett lost on that fateful night a year ago. At times, he still felt he was to blame. He still remembered that the girl was called Victoria, and later on he found out from Leopold's letter that she was still lost, probably with the man they saw that day, Joseph Bane. The fact that he shared the same first name with the man was enough to make Zeo uneasy.

"Well you should remember to eat your meat and vegetables then, darling." The lady said to the little girl. "We should wait here, daddy should be out soon." The lady looked around with vigilance, and saw Zeo staring at them.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Mar-27-2009 00:16

Zeo smiled, "I'm sorry, do you know where the Dai-Sze-Jei Dance Hall is located?"

"Man you are way off!" The lady eyed Zeo carefully, probably thinking what a perverted man would need to go to the dance hall during the day. "We are near the Dai-Sze-Jei ‘Play Hall’ here. The Dance Hall is way down near the shore.”

The lady gave Zeo careful instructions while Zeo paid close attention and cursed the concierge in his head at the same time. He thanked the lady afterwards, turned around and headed for the shoreline.

“Daddy!” The little girl yelled a few seconds later. Zeo didn’t bother to turn around. He still had a dance hall lady to find.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Mar-27-2009 06:12

** A year later in New York City **

Clift was having lunch with Makensie and Cody.

Whilst eating with his family he was reading a scented letter written on purple paper.

“I guess we all know who it’s from.” Makensie chuckled. “How is Violet? And how is Isabella?”

Clift smiled. “They are both still residing in London. Isabella is now attending the private pre-school Violet attended as a girl. Miss Parr herself did not give much information about what she is up to, but somehow from the feel of this letter I get the feeling that she somehow made her peace with Victoria’s disappearance with Bane.”

“No mother can ever be at peace when her child is not with her.” Mak said.

“Remember Mak, what Patricia Crab told you about Victoria not being Violet’s real daughter? Well I have this theory that when Violet disappeared with Isabella that night we were out to dinner in London two years ago, she actually managed to find out what happened to Victoria… somehow, and ended up being fine with it.”

Makensie Brewer was a little confused. “I always wondered, Clift. If Victoria wasn’t Violet’s daughter, then whose child is she? Joseph Bane’s?”

“I guess we won’t ever know… we’ll just have to assume that she is.” Clift shrugged. “I guess I owe Bane one. I wouldn’t have been able to manage to three kids at once. Cody alone is a handful.”

“What daddy?” Cody looked up from his coloring book.

Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Mar-27-2009 06:16

“Nothing champ. Just was telling mommy how beautiful she and you both are.”

Cody smiled and went back to drawing.

They all continued to eat quietly at the New York diner they were in. Clift started thinking about Violet Parr and all that he has been through eversince he met her. The love triangle with Mak, the case of Barry Grant, the pregnancy's, the attempted murders at the ship, the disappearance of Victoria and all else. Suddenly he was brought back into reality.

“Clift…” Makensie started. “What about Isabella, are you at peace with her being raised across the ocean in London?”

Clift held Mak’s hands and kissed them. Smiling gently he said. “My dearest Makensie... if Violet is fine with Victoria being Victoria Joseph Bane, how on earth could I possibly object to Isabella being Isabella Violet Parr?”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:25

** … Two Years Later... Shanghai... **

A pretty little child of about six, very expensively dressed, walked into her father’s main office.

The girl walked up to her dad, who was seemingly lost in thought. He pleasantly startled by her sudden appearance before him, before he could speak or react she revealed a purple envelope from the folds of her violet dress. “Father, this came for you earlier in the morning.” The girl spoke both politely and properly.

“Thank you, Victoria.” Joseph Bane smiled.

He felt the last four years had flown by. He spent a good deal of them investigating his past and his daughter's, and although he revealed everything he could about his, there seemed much to reveal about hers.

He was not sure anymore whose daughter she is.

Although many signs pointed to Miss Violet Parr as the mother, many unfounded rumours said otherwise. He was now lost in thought almost daily about the background of Victoria whom he loved so much.

She thought he was her one and only father but he knew now that this was biologically not true. Yet he had no evidence to support any of the many theories he had.

He looked to the purple envelope in his hand, and something struck him as slightly familiar about the flowery scent that this curious envelope emitted.

His curiosity led him to only one name and he was suddenly alert as he eagerly opened the sealed envelope and started to read the letter inside:

“My Dearest Mr. Joseph Bane,

I hope this letter finds you well.

As far as my knowledge goes, both you and Victoria are doing very well indeed.

I assure you of my own well-being and of my daughter Isabella’s.

I am currently giving painting classes at the Chelsea College of Arts. Isabella is attending Mrs. Peacock Preschool for Girls; a charm school I attended as a young girl. I have left my apartment and moved with Isabella into my brother Leopold’s manor house at Mayfair.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-27-2009 10:30

Clift Garrett has moved back to New York and came to terms with his beginnings. The last I heard, he retired from detective work to a quiet family life. He and Makensie seem to have come to terms with all their past differences and are jointly raising their son, Cody James Brewer-Garrett.

The last we physically met, or came close to meeting was in Brighton, four years ago. I did manage to track you down in Brighton, England through my creative talents in painting. Having painted your portrait, I managed to get information from Victoria Station about your whereabouts or at least where you were headed.

Once I arrived to Brighton my investigations led me to McKinley’s Brewer. I was there in time to witness the third round of your very violent boxing match and catch a glimpse of Victoria sitting by the bar with a woman I have never seen before. I soon was asked to leave by a gentleman who thought I was too properly dressed to stay. I assure you that I spent some time objecting, yet I lost sight of both you and Victoria that night.

I was not able to find out any information about your whereabouts up until I located Tombstone Enterprises in Shanghai and learned that both you and Victoria were safe and well. The woman who cared for Victoria, Anna, I felt was both strong and loyal: a good role model for Victoria. I kept you in mind and made periodical reviews to make sure you were fine. I was glad to note that you were the best person to raise Victoria after all she has been through.

I am aware that you have spent a lot of time and resources into uncovering Victoria’s past. For the longest time I thought it would be best if you simply never knew who Victoria’s parents were as that would ensure your mind is never burdened with any guilt or regret concerning your conscious/unconscious decision to raise her. With time I realised that it was unfair to make that assumption, for knowing the truth is always better than not.

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