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The Young Victoria Joseph Bane
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Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-13-2009 04:11

To know what happened previously in this story please review the following thread.

The Daughters of Miss Violet Parr:


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-14-2009 16:31

Upon entering through the door, the man headed towards a table in the back. He lifted the girl up into a chair and left her in the company of the dog. She started playing with some napkins, not showing to be bothered by any of the scenery around her or by the situation.

Although the man was not able to find in himself any kind of feelings towards her, the naturalness she was showing had led him to somehow believe she might’ve been indeed his daughter.

He then headed towards the truckers in order to ask for directions and maybe catch a ride with them, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he noticed the bartender making him a short sign. Curiously, he headed for the bar.

“So, how did it go?” asked him the tender.

The man understood fast that the bartender knew him, but he felt it wouldn’t be safe to let him know about his current…condition. So he decided to play a bluff…or at least attempt to.

“Went well…” he replied thus.

“Where’s Jack?”

“Don’t know…he must be on his way” he answered and then added just for himself “…I guess.”

“Good!” said the tender. “He owes me some cash for introducing him to Bergen.” He then looked over at the table and pointed a finger to the little girl. “What’s with the brat, though?”


“Your daughter, mate!?!” came the bartender’s startled voice. “You didn’t have no daughter yesterday when you dropped in…” He visibly became suspicious. “Where did you say Jack was?”

The man became aware of the bartender’s change of tone, so he tried a quick cover up on his mistake…whatever it may have been.

“I told you…on his way. He’s got some things to patch up from last night. He’s bringing money too, and in the meantime…” he leaned over the counter and whispered“…I’m passing this kid here as my daughter, get it?” He winked. The tender didn’t seem though to relax.

Considering his attitude, the man decided that it will be safer to leave the joint. In this regard he tried to buy himself some time.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-14-2009 16:32

“Say…mate, could you prepare something for the child? I think she needs to eat. Just…a couple of sandwiches will do.”

The tender nodded in acceptance, still eyeing them from under his eyebrows, and then he disappeared in the back.

The man quickly grabbed up a peanuts bowl and dropped them all into one of his pockets, then headed over to his table, picked up the little girl and exited the front door in a rush. He tried to move away as fast as possible, noticing a few shadows coming out from somewhere in the back side of the place.

Upon taking a few steps down the street, he turned a corner heading through an alley that brought him and the little girl right in the middle of what seemed to be the train depot. Noticing someone was still following, they started running slowly, ducking, between the trains. Suddenly the man’s ears were startled by the sound of a shouted voice:


He looked over to where the voice came from and noticed he was just a track away from the train’s storage wagons.

“Well now…” he mumbled “…I guess we’ll travel by railroad after all.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-14-2009 16:34

Just as they were about to cross the tracks towards the Brighton train, a steps sound alerted them. Someone was walking on the other side of the train car in front of them.

The man pulled back the little girl and had her duck behind some crates, putting a finger over his lips to mime the silence. She smiled at him and slowly murmured: “hide and seek…”

“That’s right, kid…hide and seek” he answered. “You wait right here and don’t make a sound. I’ll be right back. You keep the dog with you, ok?”

She nodded, giggled and then put a hand over her mouth. The dog lay down in front of her.

The man picked up a wooden board that was just laying there and a rock. He headed back to his initial place and stepped ahead ducking between the train cars.

He quickly picked into the space between the trains and noticed a goon still approaching. He looked as if he was searching for something…or better said, for someone. He also showed he didn’t have…constructive thoughts, as he was holding in his hand a baseball bat.

The man…let’s call him Mike for now…pulled back into his hiding place and threw the rock into the opposite direction. The goon was startled by the sound and started running towards where it came from. Just as he reached close to the car’s end, Mike jumped out and applied him a strong hit with the wooden board right in the face. The goon fell down unconscious right away.

Mike dragged his fainted body out of sight and then signaled the little girl to come. They quickly got up in the storage wagon and then he sled the door behind them.

In a few minutes the train was in motion. By this time the sun was already rising.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-14-2009 16:35

*another step back, a couple of hours before the morning edition, Scotland Yard, Commissioner’s office*

“Inspector Parr, I do understand this disappearance case is of personal interest to you and that your sister and her friends are…” short disproving grimace “…private detectives, but I am sure you know we do not appreciate any interference in our work from outsiders and most important, we do not tolerate it.”

Leopold Parr was standing straight in a respectful position towards the rank of the man speaking to him. The chief inspector was also standing beside him, posing into a similar posture. They were both listening to the commissioner.

He raised his eyes at them from behind his desk, looking satisfied by the fact that he was not interrupted. He leaned back in his chair, brushed swiftly his mustache and then continued:

“Now, Chief Inspector Coleman over here”…points his pipe towards him…”has told me great deal of good things about you. He thus convinced me to let you work on this case.”

He stopped here waiting for a reaction. Leopold’s face was frozen, but he made a slight gesture of throwing a quick look towards the Chief Inspector, who then started talking:

“We do appreciate your decision, Sir and also we ensure you that any action we will take in regard of this case will not affect the interests and methods of the Scotland Yard. We do however need to ask you one more favor…”

“I’m listening” replied fast the Commissioner, visibly flattered by the obvious importance he was given.

The Chief Inspector nodded short towards Leopold who then started speaking:

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-14-2009 16:36

“Sir, considering that the events leading to the disappearance of my niece have already attracted the eyes of the reporters, we do believe we should control whatever piece of information the Scotland Yard will release to the press. We feel…” mended his voice “…we think it would be better not to make any mention about the missing child. Considering the fact that her family draws its roots from an aristocratic line, there might be certain individuals that might start thinking of a possible reward, may it be possible or not. We would not want the child to be put in the position of falling in the wrong hands.”

The Commissioner started thinking for a few moments, then replied.

“I was informed there was a certain person that was involved in this and now he is believed to be in possession of the child. Don’t you believe this man presents the same kind of danger towards her?”

“My sister…” Leopold mended again his voice “…the mother, Miss Violet Parr, informed us that this man, an American who goes by the name of Joseph Arturo Bane, is actually an acquaintance of her and she does not think of him as a real threat to her daughter’s life.”

Upon another few moments of thinking, the Commissioner finally gave his verdict:

“So be it. I do agree not to disclose the information of the disappearance, but I do want this Bane character to be presented as a suspect. After all, he seems indeed to be the only survivor from a blown up building in which there were found three dead bodies. As far as I remember, killing three men is still a crime. Dismissed!”

About two hours later the morning papers shouted loud on the front page about an explosion that led to the death of three victims. Above it there was placed a sketch artist’s mug shot of the suspect, a man presented by the name of Joseph Bane.

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-17-2009 02:21

** Café Rouge, Doyle Estates **

Miss Violet Parr crumpled the morning paper in between her hands. “But that's just absurd!” She huffed with disapproval as little Isabella, who sat next to her, huffed as well with the same air of disapproval. “C'est absurde!”

“For heaven’s sake Leopold, can they not understand that Joseph Bane could not possibly have committed these crimes? And that horrid picture! The chin they gave him!” Violet shook her head in disbelief.

Leopold looked to her sister: She was calm and relaxed but age had finally started to show on her before seemingly ever-young face. How can it not, he thought, with two children and one of them missing.

Violet was a mother now and starting to look the part with time. Her make-up was heavier than usual as well: she started applying purple shadow to her eyelids, which she never really did in the past. He must be looking older as well he thought. “Vi, he must be a suspect for the purposes of our investigations, he is the only adult alive from that night and is nowhere to be found with your daughter.”

“There has to be an explanation that we are not privy to, Leopold. He cannot be the criminal just because everyone else you can blame for this is dead. What do you mean he is the only survivor of that night? Is Bergen dead?”

Leopold nodded in assurance.

“Well what of it?” Violet brushed the information aside. “It was an explosion of a very small scale relatively. It demolished an old worn-out building that was probably scheduled for demolishment anyway. The Yard must really relax; it was not the bloody fire of London now was it?”

Leopold spoke gently but firmly. “Victoria is with Bane. Having him singled out as a suspect on the Mirror means it will be easier to track him down and find him, which means it will be easier to find… Miss Brewer!”

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-17-2009 02:26

“Makensie?” Violet was confused. “What’s wrong with you Leopold!” She was on edge, but then she realised that Leopold was referring to the approaching Miss Makensie Brewer.

Leopold got to greet Miss Brewer, as always he kissed her hand and then sat her down in his place opposite Violet and young Isabella.

Miss Parr, having greeted her dear friend, turned to Leopold. “And where do you think you are going, Sir? I am not done asking my questions about the investigation.”

“Sorry ladies... Police business calls…” Leopold uttered as he walked away turning towards the New Scotland Yard.

Violet turned to Mak. “I wonder if I should send Isabella chasing after him and causing havoc at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters!”

“Calm down Violet.” Mak laughed. “And how come Isabella is with you? I left her with Clift and Cody almost an hour ago!”

“That's curious, Clift dropped her at my apartment around fifteen minutes ago.” Violet assured her.

“But it took me an hour to get here?” Mak protested.

“On the tube?” Violet was surprised.

“Oh, no, walking.” Mak smiled suddenly understanding what happened. “Was Cody with him?”

“Yes he was.” Violet reassured. “He wanted to take the boy to a football game... Soccer perhaps is the best term to use.”

Mak laughed. “I know what football means in London, Violet. Don't forget I worked here.”

"Yes." Violet recalled. "I suppose that's the lovely thing about our jobs. We are rendered truly international."

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Mar-17-2009 02:28

As Violet smiled and started to chit-chat with Mak, Isabella attempted to make an escape and leave her place on the chair by her mother slowly and quietly but a sudden tap on her hand from mother stopped her rebellious movements.

Makensie decided to speak. “I do not think Isabella should hear me say this, but we bumped into Mrs. Patricia Crab earlier today at the Hyde Park, me and Clift that is.”

“Oh?” Violet was suddenly amused. “I hope you did not tell her anything you don’t to read in the morning papers tomorrow.”

“Nothing.” Mak assured. “But she had a lot to say about you, Violet.”

“That does not surprise me.” Violet shrugged pouring herself another cup of tea.

“She said that Victoria and Isabella are not really sisters!”

The teapot was dropped from Violet’s hands and came crashing to the grounds creating a wild mess of broken porcelain pieces. Violet’s only reaction was to look Mak straight in the eyes and say: “Come again?”


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-17-2009 17:16

*same morning - London, Brighton and South Coast Railway - Brighton Belle train - destination: Brighton - storage wagon*

According to the ticket clerk, there were only 54 miles between London and Brighton, so Mike and his companions were only looking to about 2 hours of travel tops. They found a spot behind some crates and lay down directly on the floor. The little girl started playing with the dog, giggling every time he touched her with his wet muzzle on the cheek.

Mike was looking at them somehow amused, somehow balancing the uneasy feeling of the amnesia with their apparent peace of mind. After about 10 minutes, the child seemed to have gone tired, as she leaned on a side and gathered her knees at her chest attempting to fall asleep. He took off his coat and covered her.

Feeling himself a little exhausted, Mike decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea also for him to get some rest. He leaned on his back and dragged his hat over his eyes. As he was arranging it a little better, his fingers felt something on its band that startled his curiosity. He searched inside and a large smile covered his face as he pulled out a small bunch of folded bills.

“Well now…” he mumbled “…I must’ve been a considerate man. At least we have enough cash to grab a bite when we arrive.”

Suddenly he remembered about the peanuts he picked up back at the bar. He reached into his pocket and spilled them all into the hat, then placed it near the little girl.

“Hmmm…it ain’t exactly healthy food, but it’ll help her hold her horses for a while if she will wake up hungry.”

He then decided against sleeping, considering that they were practically travelling clandestine. He took a seat and started thinking.

‘Alright…what do I know so far…? I woke up in front of a burning house with this child and the dog near me. Also…let’s not forget the shotgun. I guess whatever went down there was not exactly something friendly, so…I’d better keep a low profile until I find out more.’

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Mar-17-2009 17:17

He took a little break scouting his brain for more information.

‘And then…the tender at the bar said that I came in yesterday without a child, daughter or no daughter. He also mentioned “Jack”…I wonder who that is…’

He pulled again out the ID and looked upon it.

‘I hope this address is indeed my house and maybe it’ll help my memory a bit.’

He looked back at the sleeping little girl.

‘I never asked her what’s her name…and the dog’s either.’

Mike noticed then the hound was wearing a collar. He got himself closer to him and realized there was a name written on it: ‘Pierre’.

‘Pierre?...What kind of a dog name is Pierre. Well…I guess I was a man with a weird imagination. Too bad I didn’t put a collar also on the child. Or…did I?...”

He then got closer to the child and lifted up the coat. He noticed on the bottom of her skirt there were 2 letters: VP.

“VP?...” he mumbled “…now that’s strange. These letters match none of my names…”

He decided to quit further investigations on the two for the moment and just sat down near the girl. In a few minutes he just fell asleep.


“Travelling free? Wake up, you BOM!”

The sound startled McCabe from his sleep, along with the kick he felt on his leg. He opened his eyes slowly and looked up to find the aggressive look of a ticket inspector.

“WAKE UP, you hear me? What you doing here? You think you can just get a free ride? Or…are you stealing from the train? Oh no, you two are going straight to the police!”

“Now listen, mate…” replied Mike with a dizzy voice “…we ain’t exactly…”

“Don’t tell me what you are and what you’re not, THIEVES! I know your kind! I will…”


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