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Should I?
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Nick D.
Nick D.

Feb-28-2009 14:47

Hi there everyone

i have an question for you guys...
I am an Very Smart Detective... An Fine Choice

I am 1 week old i have 1380 Experience point and 700$

My First contact is the Music Teacher... Bad choice

and here are my skills

Lock Picking Tough
Sweet Talking Charm
Rule Bending Charm
Research Smart
Footprint Analysis Smart
Advanced Hair Analysis Smart
Hair Analysis Smart
Thread Analysis Smart

Here i am asking myself... Should i start an new Detective or simply make my detective retirer and make an comeback to have an new contact.

yesterday i bought Lockpicking for 12 point and i asked myself... did i do the right choice?

Should i Start over an new detective or make retire make my detective retirer... i know what appen when you retire...

Please answer me soon

signed Nick.D


Nick D.
Nick D.

Mar-1-2009 16:08

true... but i really wanted an Physical Contact

That would be really nice after all an contact is an contact

Witness kinda suck... and the music teacher suck ever more...

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Mar-1-2009 16:13

You'll get a PE contact just keep at it.

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