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Should I?

Nick D.
Nick D.

Feb-28-2009 14:47

Hi there everyone

i have an question for you guys...
I am an Very Smart Detective... An Fine Choice

I am 1 week old i have 1380 Experience point and 700$

My First contact is the Music Teacher... Bad choice

and here are my skills

Lock Picking Tough
Sweet Talking Charm
Rule Bending Charm
Research Smart
Footprint Analysis Smart
Advanced Hair Analysis Smart
Hair Analysis Smart
Thread Analysis Smart

Here i am asking myself... Should i start an new Detective or simply make my detective retirer and make an comeback to have an new contact.

yesterday i bought Lockpicking for 12 point and i asked myself... did i do the right choice?

Should i Start over an new detective or make retire make my detective retirer... i know what appen when you retire...

Please answer me soon

signed Nick.D


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-28-2009 15:00

I'd just keep going with what you have. The Music Teacher isn't a bad choice to have as a contact perse. That is a WE (Witness Evidence) contact and can help with alibis.

You've got a lot of smart skills which is good to have when searching the crime scene, now just focus on saving up skill points for some more charming skills. You've already got a few charming skills (sweet talking and rule bending) so I'd work on getting more charm because your going to need more charm as the cases get harder. You'll find that pretty soon with the charm you've got you wont get very far asking alibis, motives, or leads.

You're on the right track just keep going!

Nick D.
Nick D.

Feb-28-2009 15:01

Thank you

also on an Note i must say

Lockpicking is an amazing skill

Because of it i can advoid to ask question! and get suspect quickly!

Truly an Must Have like research

Lucky Stiff

Feb-28-2009 19:17

I agree with Lady Jas. Just keep going, work on your charm skills now. Everyone only gets one WE contact and one PE contact, I'd say you're lucky to get a contact so soon and if you start over you may find it takes you much longer next time!

If you have a search through this Newbie board you will find many questions regarding which skills to get first... of course ppl will have different thoughts about which ones are more important and it depends on your playing style as well.

Good luck!

Pinball Amateur

Mar-1-2009 14:37

I beg to differ about Angela, the Music Teacher, not being a good contact. I think she's a Wonderful contact!! ;-D

Course, I speak from experience here....;-)

There are lots of people who have cross-gender contacts who do just fine. If you want a male contact for your Physical Evidence (P/E) Contact, you simply need to focus on them. In New York, the male P/E contacts are the Shoemaker and the Tailor. Decide which one (or both) you want to go for, then, when a P/E favor comes up, if it's for one of those two, do it. If it's for the Barber or the Banker, quit it. If the favor's for a W/E contact (anyone else except the four mentioned), you can go ahead and do those, because you've already got your W/E contact.

Seems to me you're doing quite well. Like Lady Jas, I don't see any reason for you to start over. You've done a great job with skill selection, and you're lucky to get a contact this soon. Some have to wait much, much longer.

One other thing....seems to me that you're a bit low in cash at the moment. You might want to consider doing a few Easy cases til you build up a couple thousand in your bank account, then go up to the harder ones.

And lastly, if you have been up til now, quit guessing. It'll cost you big time.

Hope all that helps. Keep up the good work. And say hi to Angela for me the next time you see her. ;-)


Lolita Marinez
Lolita Marinez
Sleuth About Town

Mar-1-2009 14:47

I am so jealous. I am 33 days old and still have no contacts! I wish I had a contact in the first week and you are thinking of throwing yours away!

Nick D.
Nick D.

Mar-1-2009 16:08

true... but i really wanted an Physical Contact

That would be really nice after all an contact is an contact

Witness kinda suck... and the music teacher suck ever more...

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Mar-1-2009 16:13

You'll get a PE contact just keep at it.

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