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Anything new around here?

Old Shoe

Feb-24-2009 07:47

Hi to all!
I just popped in to see what´s going on here, it´s been a while...
Sleuthenania looks interesting, anything else I should know about?? Feel free to Pm me...


Lucky Stiff

Feb-24-2009 08:52

Welcome back! Hope you're here to stay and explore :D
Hmmm, it depends on how long you've been away i guess.

Sleuthetania is new, and vaguely interesting... although I personally don't go very often...

Ctown has a monthly (or there-abouts) online radio show, see here for details:

A few players are working on a further "expansion" to carry the game forward, still in the infant stages (correct me if I'm now out-of-date) but sounds really really interesting.

In conjunction with that, Breit is STILL looking for pics:

Some new RP threads over on the RP board, looks promising.

Oh and who could forget, the long-awaited discovery of secret #1?

Old Shoe

Feb-24-2009 09:11

Well, it´s been over a year. I have forgotten almost everything...
Wow, secret1 finally found, I wonder where to start.. I never had absolutely no idea, I think it was only a scam back then...
I just ahd to buy a ticket to Sleuthetania, and now I wonder about Captain´s pages and gargo holds... have no idea what to do.. but the ships seems fun :)

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-24-2009 10:05

Yay! Tollo my friend welcome back hun! :D

Tireless Tiger

Feb-24-2009 10:33

Welcome back tollo, alwasy nice to see a returning player. Please let us know if you need anything! :-D

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