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Revive the Stage Contest
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Old Shoe

Jan-20-2009 15:08

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to present to you a new contest!

This contest will reward you for benefiting the role-playing stage. How is that going to happen, you may ask? Well, let me tell you! First, be active in posting. Second, post with good grammar. Finally, post an interesting storyline.

At the end of each month (first time at Feb-20-2009), a one-month gift subscription to Sleuth Noir will be rewarded to the player that has contributed the most. The winner will be decided by the votes of six judges: Brietkat, David Adams, Makensie Brewer, Violet Parr, Clift Garrett and Acemaster. (Special thanks to Violet Parr for judge suggestions in November-2008!)

Each week, each of the judges will pick the one player whom they think have benefited the stage the most that week. At the in the month, the votes will be counted, revealing a winner.

The judges will send their picks to a detective named "Gossip Center", who will also display current standings for each week. Check in to see how you are doing! ;-)

There are some limitations, though. What is a contest without rules, right? ;-)

*Neither the judges nor judges second characters can be voted for.
......(This also includes me, as I am taking care of finances.)
*If you have won, you cannot win again until three more characters have won.
*If you have not won before, you will automatically receive 3 votes as a bonus.

We can't check every detail, but we hope to have an honor system. For instance, if you have won, please tell us you second characters to make it fair for other characters. If someone is caught "cheating", a proper penalty will be placed.

This is part of the Revive the Stage program. We do hope you enjoy it, and congratulations to all the winners! ;-)

(Thanks to Acemaster for helping me with proof reading. The day is chosen in remembrance of his birthday. The contest is planned to last 1 year, unless it's so successful it will be extended.)


Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Feb-24-2009 21:05

Well, I clearly mentioned before posting my first one that 'I AM NOT A CONTESTANT', did not I?
Please, if I forgot to mention that, then I am doing it now. Therefore, exclude me from the list of contestants.
Thank you very much

Old Shoe

Feb-26-2009 04:12

- I have now read through this thread, and will do what I actually planned to do earlier, make a new thread for this contest, giving it a new title, and doing some small changes in the rules, so that people who don't want to be a contestant won't become so.

I hope a title of "Encouraging the fun at the Stage contest" will work better?

I will make Gossip Center post the suggested contestants when they come in, and then hope that the owners of the characters suggested will reply with either an acceptance or a rejecting of the vote. My hope is to avoid heated discussions.

Then I hope that this thread will be unsticked, and the new thread be sticked, and the activity at the stage will pull this thread far away into the world of lost memories.

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