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Revive the Stage Contest
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Old Shoe

Jan-20-2009 15:08

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to present to you a new contest!

This contest will reward you for benefiting the role-playing stage. How is that going to happen, you may ask? Well, let me tell you! First, be active in posting. Second, post with good grammar. Finally, post an interesting storyline.

At the end of each month (first time at Feb-20-2009), a one-month gift subscription to Sleuth Noir will be rewarded to the player that has contributed the most. The winner will be decided by the votes of six judges: Brietkat, David Adams, Makensie Brewer, Violet Parr, Clift Garrett and Acemaster. (Special thanks to Violet Parr for judge suggestions in November-2008!)

Each week, each of the judges will pick the one player whom they think have benefited the stage the most that week. At the in the month, the votes will be counted, revealing a winner.

The judges will send their picks to a detective named "Gossip Center", who will also display current standings for each week. Check in to see how you are doing! ;-)

There are some limitations, though. What is a contest without rules, right? ;-)

*Neither the judges nor judges second characters can be voted for.
......(This also includes me, as I am taking care of finances.)
*If you have won, you cannot win again until three more characters have won.
*If you have not won before, you will automatically receive 3 votes as a bonus.

We can't check every detail, but we hope to have an honor system. For instance, if you have won, please tell us you second characters to make it fair for other characters. If someone is caught "cheating", a proper penalty will be placed.

This is part of the Revive the Stage program. We do hope you enjoy it, and congratulations to all the winners! ;-)

(Thanks to Acemaster for helping me with proof reading. The day is chosen in remembrance of his birthday. The contest is planned to last 1 year, unless it's so successful it will be extended.)


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-15-2009 13:06

Ok brain must've stopped working from when the cops shot me down in Paris, for I COMPLTELLY FAIL to see the logic in your post, Ace and also in you jury predecessors's also...of course, I mean the with all due respect.

Ace, you say: [quote] "I know you weren't entering, but currently we have more judges than contestants. I knew that would happen, but business probably won't pick up until we give out our first sub."

Now that makes NO SENSE to me for 2 reasons:

1. The point of the contest is not to give a subscription, BUT to REVIVE THE STAGE. If for some foggy reason (lack of management abilities, in my humble opinion) you have made all possible active RP-ers judges (I would guess someone didn't want to hurt anyone's sensitive ego), that shouldn't mean they are restricted to post. This contradicts the purpose of the contest. Also, this fact was never written down as a rule, so stop acting as movie stars on thrones and START MAKING SOME SENSE!
Also in addition to point 1, there has been established that for newcomers it is easier to join an existing thread, rather than start a new one. YOU LEFT THE STAGE ALMOST EMPTY! (I do hope my shouting was loud enough to reach your ears)

2. The decision of whether I AM (emphasis on "I") or NOT part in this contest is NOT YOURS, but MINE! SO...this is NOT A REQUEST! TAKE MY NAME OFF THE CHARTS! throat is aching. I thought this game was only producing what I believed to be an early stage of paranoid behavior. It seems I was wrong. It seems it's effects are the exact opposite of it's purpose to teach the use of logic in mental processes.

Digest all this before you answer.

Old Shoe

Feb-16-2009 10:33

First I have to apologize to the wording of the contest ending in a "revieve the stage". I know that I managed to offend people with that, even though that was NEVER my intention. As a foreigner, I am not too good with all english words, so I actually did not know the word revieve when it was presented to me. What I thought it meant, was what I wanted to, that is;
Have more people join the Stage. Open up for people to join the stage that might have felt locked out from there. Have people cooperate on acting at the stage, and having fun together.

And, I would definately NOT want it to be a "kill the Stage" contest.
I wanted the current, senior, still playing role players to have a position of honor, and it's very true that I did not want to hurt anyone.

I am determined on leaving all the voting to the judges, and the initial post have already pointed out who is valid for votes, and who is not. Whoever the judges gives votes to, who are in the group of valid vote recievers will get their vote. So, if someone wants to not be voted for, they need to interrogate the judges to not give them any votes. If someone wants to get a vote, they will similarily need to charm the judges to vote for them. And, the primary way of charming the judges are given at the initial post.

Hey, if Sleuth Admin finds he want to join the stage, and post in a way that charm the judges to vote him to winner, he will be the winner, even if it is probably true that he hardly needs a gift subscription.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-17-2009 07:32

Hey, this is funny, for the 2-3 days I'm here, I noticed that there's at least four of you who's coming to the RP stage, but only Joey is posting stories from the "old timers". Come on! Hop in! Judge or not, let's have fun! This is what "Revive the Stage" (or whatever politically correct term it should be called) is all about, right?

[Your best response would be just posting on the stories] :P


Feb-17-2009 12:31

LOL Actually, I have been "trying" to get on to post, but I haven't been able to. lol

I wonder if maybe my fellow judges don't realize they can still post??? They just aren't eligible to win! LOL

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-18-2009 02:37

LOL winning is besides the point. Finding like minded RP-ers, that's precious.

Feel free to come to the Shades RP stage too (don't stab me, I'm not trying to pull 'business' away). It's just a different pool, with stories happening in this millennium- MMS, WWW and DNA. :P There's a few of us here who are now swimming in both pools, having a blast.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Feb-18-2009 19:21

Yep! I'm totally with Joseph on this. It's fun to find people to write with! ;D But, definitely, feel free to jump into the future and post on the RP stage there... you can find everything from plane crashes to UFO's to Scramblers, to cruise ships... ;D It's really fun to write in a new time period, though!

Pinball Amateur

Feb-19-2009 20:02

Sorry I haven't been around the past few days. Had some real life disasters to deal with.

Thank you, Ms. Nin, Mr. Zeo, Ms. Brewer, and Mr. Master, for your polite replies and your enthusiasm about revitalizing the Stage again. I'm glad to see them, and hope to see some interesting stuff on the Stage shortly from all of you. ;-)

Mr. Bane, there's no need to scream. At Ace or any of the rest of us. A simple PM to Huglover or ANY of the judges with a POLITE request asking to be excluded from all future judging would have been quite sufficient, and more effective. Now, you've made Huglover question herself and her resolve (something many of us will remember you for, for quite some time to come), and put yet another hurdle into the Stage's revitalization process, which it really did not need. Do something like this again, and there will be serious consequences. (Don't bother reporting me for "threatening behavior"; have a think on your own instead.)

Gentle, naive, Huglover:
I've told you this more times than I can count in private; now I'll say it in public (again;-)....

Your English is probably better than mine. Your etiquette certainly is. All you need is to have your confidence get a shot or three in the arm.

If your Revive the Stage idea had ANY hint of becoming a 'kill the stage' possibility, most of us 'judges' would not only have turned you down on becoming a judge, we prob'ly would have actively campaigned AGAINST the contest. (Remember how I told you to "GO FOR IT" about sixty million times?? That wouldn't have happened if I'd thought there would be possible negative effects. ;-) So far, as the Creator of all this, you've done wonderfully! So have confidence in yourself, and don't worry too much. Ya done good, kid!! ;-D

So, everyone, to quote somebody famous, play nice in the sandbox!! ;-D

And now, back to the show....

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-20-2009 00:27

Ok now...let's see: I mentioned paranoid behavior...I mentioned lack of logic...hell, I don't know enough English to qualify your answer to me in a word, Breit! I'll answer thus specifically to each point.

First of all, I DID start this procedure of getting my tight arse out of your contest by sending a POLITE PM. Ask Hug before you point some more fingers. Then, after that did me no good, I made TWO (2) POLITE mentions IN THIS THREAD about not being considered a contestant (Jan-28-2009 15:51 and Feb-11-2009 11:35). ALSO, when I started to post in "Murder of the Boxer" I started by implementing a coment (author's note I called it) stating that I am not part of it. You, as a judge, should've read that.
SO, by the time I made the post that made you...offended, I guess, I have made FOUR (4) POLITE attempts in this direction. My patience has limits, as any person's does. In the light spread by these words I find my witsh to throw the judges table out of the window more than pertinent. Also, it clearly proved to be the only thing that could be done, as it is only after I stared to shout that you guys came up with a reaction. Or...maybe I'm too fast for you?...hehehehe

About Hug, stop acting as if she made somewhere a mistake and also stop acting as if she was a naive child. She's just a very kind person stuck in the middle of some events with an unfortunate turn. Try speaking to her and you'll find out that we have kept an active correspondence latelly and that she knows very well my opinions and also the fact that my words were not pointed to her. I'd think you guys talk more to each other.

Well now...I finally reach my favourite subject in your post. 'Have a think on my post' you say? In relation to 'threats'? Breit, it is YOU the one who made threats about 'consequences'. It is your sister who came up to me with 'warnings' (related to a different subject though).

My shouting will have to continue in the next post...

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-20-2009 00:47

...ok now, here I go again:

There was no threat contained into my post. It was just shouting in rage, but aparently the difference in the meaning of these terms is too subtile for you. And even if I would consider making threats, I've allways praised the 'logic' in my requests so...If my memory serves me well, we are still in a game, which means that any kind of threats are basically useless. Unfortunatelly demands are also in the same situation.

In conclusion I find your answer to be described by lack of logic, incompetence, lack of responsibility, lack of touch with reality and in the end...illusion of grandoire (not sure that's the right word in English). Positioning yourself as a 'wise one' around here by your last remark actually makes me wonder if I should've ever lost my time posting this answer to you. I noticed many people around here actually have a problem when someone's speaking straight to them, pointing out the obvious. I have a word for that kind of behavior also, but I'll keep this one to myself.

In conclusion, I desrve and demand an appoplogy (although applying the logic, I'm not actually expecting to get it).

The thing that I've learned from all this is that again "no attempt of good deed ever goes unpunished". I started posting in "The Murder of the Boxer" neglecting my gameplay, just for the purpose of helping this contest go ahead. Now everything turned sower.

Since continueing this argument is useless, this was my last post in regard of it.


Feb-20-2009 02:12


i really don't know how we managed to turn such a lovely thing into something... well, horrible. I thought this was a great idea for a contest and I did really want to be a part of it, so my queston is...
is the contest still running?

I know I, for one, would love to be a part of it. I love writing, and I know I'm going to have trouble when it comes to renewing my subscribtion (that was NOT asking for a sympythy vote) mainly due to the fact that i'm only 15 (okay, maybe that's sweet talking the judges a little... sorry), and I love that this would combine those things. I was prepared to work really hard, and hopefully even end up winning something for my efforts.

But that's not why I'm here, I'll admit, that's why i posted in the first place, but it's not why I continue to post, i will continue to write even if this competition isn't on. I was just wondering if it is still on, and if it is I want to hand out free cookies saying 'vote for me'.

Anyway, whether it is or not PLEASE stop fighting, it's not worth fighting over something that was so nice and kind and entirely sefless.

and that's all i've got to say...


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