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Apartments and lapsed subscription

Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Super Steeper

Dec-16-2008 09:41

My subscription is going to end soon. That's okay, since I don't have the time to work more than a few cases a day anyway, but I have a few questions. I know agency case files are off limits to unsubbed sleuths, but what about the equipment locker and office safe?

More importantly, can I still use apartment furniture (bedroom and study) if I've already purchased it? Will I be able to expand to a bigger place and buy more stuff?


Tireless Tiger

Dec-16-2008 10:32

The equipment locker and the safe will still be accessible to you, I'm not sure about the furniture in apartments, I don't think you will be able to expand or buy more, perhaps someone else can help on that

Pinball Amateur

Dec-16-2008 19:32

From what I remember from a previous similar question by somebody, and an answer from the Sleuthgod on High (Ben), yes, you can access your furniture, but no, you cannot buy new stuff or upgrade anything you've got. You cannot expand your current place, but you can sell it or (I think) downgrade it if you need to.

Again, that's what I remember. You can try searching for it here on the Boards. My suggestion, though, would be to expand and buy whatever you're going to want now while you have the chance.

Hope that helps! Hope also that you can re-up sometime soon. ;-)


Sleuth About Town

Dec-17-2008 01:58

rom my experience, No access to furniture (case storage) if you are not subs.

Old Shoe

Dec-17-2008 02:49

Here's the thread Breit was talking about, there's a fair amount to read though:

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