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Help regarding skills
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Dec-14-2008 08:21

Hi all. I'm a very smart detective, here are my current skills:

Hand Writing Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Intermediate Interrogation
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis

I'd like some advice regarding skills. I'm not sure which to get next, intermediate interrogation / lock picking?

Also, which difficulty level should I be trying? I've been playing hard cases mainly. Thanks.


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Dec-14-2008 10:28

I'm with Yoyo on this, go for advanced Interrogation OR even consider going for some intimidation skills that will help you with the townies when they clam up on you.

Pinball Amateur

Dec-14-2008 15:00

I suspect townies are going to start clamming on you VERY soon, if they haven't already. You might want to seriously consider Jas' suggestion to invest in Intimidation (Beginning and then Advanced) to help you out with that problem.

As for cases, you should be having at least a 75% success rate on your cases (that means 3 out of every 4 cases you can solve, excluding favors). So, whatever level you can hit that ratio at is prob'ly a good place to start. You will not be able to solve every case every time, and no detective here can. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something that doesn't smell too good. ;-)

Hope that helps.


Tireless Tiger

Dec-14-2008 15:42

Another good suggestion for the level of difficulty is to play whatever level your favors are at! You can get a pretty high success rate that way

Old Shoe

Dec-15-2008 06:07

Oh yeah intimidation! I have to say that that will probably have a bigger impact on your game play than interrogation.


Dec-15-2008 07:33

Actually, I've been paying the usual 150/200 to townies who clam... no wonder...

My favours are at hard, and I'm solving hard cases 100% of the time, so I guess after I buy intimidation (which is 2 mins from now) I'm going to try the next difficulty for fun!

Thanks very much for the advice :)

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