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BOOTS is Looking For A Few Active Detectives
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Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Dec-13-2008 14:20

BOOTS is looking for a few active agents to join our agency...

BOOTS is a family oriented agency and most of my detectives have been her almost since the agency was founded in July, 2007...

Due to advancement and family leaving to start their own agencies, we have room for a few good and active detectives here.

We will assist you with your cases to advance your experience and cash flow, you get to travel and earn contacts, you have access to the crimelab, equipment locker, you will get to meet the prince and ambassador, participate in missions and villain hunts and much more.

As a family oriented agency we are here for you..ROOKIES dont worry about rent and there are no specific qualifications to join...contacts a plus but not necessary...

So come one...come all..check us out and become part of our family..



Apr-18-2009 19:38

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