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How YOU doin'? - Community Version
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Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter

Dec-11-2008 08:10

No, really. How you doin', y'know... Sleuthwise?

What've you done lately? What are you doing now? Next? How about down the road?

I've asked our agency members, and now we're curious about you.


Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Super Steeper

Dec-13-2008 11:47

Recent accomplishments:
Does just logging on count?

What I'm doing now:
Working to buy apartment furniture.

What I'm doing next:
Looking for a sparkly vest.

Primary Long Term Goal:
Pay shady!!

Secondary Goal:
Resubscribe (when I get real money).

Tertiary Goal:
More favors for the Tigers.

Quaternary Goal:
none really.

What's keeping me from these goals:
Not enough time to play. Not enough money to keep my subscription - at least until after the holiday bills are paid!

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