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Sleuthetania questions

Trix Montgomery
Trix Montgomery
Battered Shoe

Nov-28-2008 18:17

I am on the boat for the first time and can't seem to get anywhere on the cargo map or captain's journal entries fronts. I tried asking all the townies different questions related to those two things but still nothing. Can anyone steer me in te right direction? Thanks!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Nov-28-2008 19:27

YOu cannot access the cargo holds until you get a piece of paper from your contacts. Then get through the cargo holds to the captains quarters which will tell you you need X amount of pieces of paper...get the required amount and make your way back through the cargo holds to the captains quarters and then you'll be able to enter.

You dont need to ask your contacts on the ship anything..upon completing a favor for one of them they'll give you a piece of paper.

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