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avatar question


Nov-26-2008 12:21

Is there a way that I can switch my avatar? I don't like how it looks,and I want to change it to something else.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Nov-26-2008 12:30

I can't remember what the link is, but I am sure someone will come along to give it to you, but, you can send a photo of your choosing in to Sleuth, and they will change the photo for you. There are some on here who may even be able to help you choose a detective picture , as someone did with my characters......for the time period Sleuth is set in.

Tireless Tiger

Nov-26-2008 13:04

If you head over to the Sleuth Talk thread there is a sticky post for changing your avatar, or you can follow this link:

But you must be subbed in order to get a custom avatar

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