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Banditville USA is Now Recruiting NO MIN Requirements Based In Shanghai
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Old Shoe

Nov-16-2008 14:01

Hi after a long time of being in someone else’s agency I've decided to take my knowledge of the game and start my own agency, I'm based in Shanghai, and have no minimum requirements, I don't care weather you've been on for 2 years or 2 minutes weather you play once a day or once a year, this agency is about having fun and helping others, I recently lost my old agency (which another sleuth gave to me) and with it lost all my gear so please bare in mind that I don't really have anything to offer at the moment as far as gear goes but am working on building it up. Will help pay new members fare to Shanghai.

have a great "Mystery"
>maz< of Banditville USA



Jan-16-2009 10:03

Banditville USA is no longer an active agency. However, you can create your own thread stating you are interested in joining an agency. Tell a little bit about yourself - what contacts you currently hold, stuff like that - and perhaps a recruiting agency will send you a PM with either an invitation or a few questions.

All in all, this thread isn't likely to be too helpful for you anymore.

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