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Priceless Sleuth-CONTEST
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Tireless Tiger

Nov-2-2008 18:11

We've all seen the Ads for Priceless

I want to know what you think is priceless and write us an ad: Heres an example:

Travel to London $5000
Bribing Edmund $500
Solving the case: Priceless

This runs from now until Nov 15, 23:99 oops 23:59 I hope to announce a winner on the next edition of sleuth talk radio.

Oh and prizes, how can I forget? The winner will get $100,000 sleuth dollars.

The rest win the envy of the winner! ;-)



Dec-12-2008 20:22

If Phoenix Shadow didn't win, who would've won?

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-12-2008 21:01

They all were great so any one of them could've won....:) maybe if there is a 2nd contest for this, you can participate in that one :)

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